Onion Peeling Machine

Introduction on Kingston Onion Processing Line

Kingston Onion processing plant is a combination of onion tail & root cutting machine and onion skin peeling equipment. It is multi-functional, not only used to cut tails and roots of onion, but also to peel off the skin of onion.

onion processing line
With advanced design and high degree of automation, this onion peeler is ideal cutting equipment for onions, and it has been widely praised by customers at home and abroad once launched on the market. The onion peeling machine has no special requirements on the size, dryness, wetness and origin of onions. It can peel the skins and cut the roots at one time for onions in any state without any damage to the roots.

onion tail and root cutting machine

onion tail and root cutting machine


This onion peeling machine is made of stainless steel. The cutting thickness is uniform and adjustable. The onion root cutting machine from Kingston Machinery is well regarded for its high tensile strength and resistance to corrosion and strong durability. It can be used for peeling onion in restaurants, food processing industry, and fresh peeled onion production for market.

onion peeling machine

onion peeling machine

Features of Onion Peeler Machine

◆ Adopting the pneumatic principle and without the friction of blade and hardness, the integrity, freshness and zero-pollution of the processed onions can be ensured in the peeling process.
Kingston onion peeling machine has the advantages of drying, peeling automation, practicality, power saving, small volume, low processing cost but high production efficiency, easy maintenance and cleaning, and low failure rate.
◆ Equipped with automatic temperature control and material guide device, this onion cutting machine can automatically peel the skin of onion and cut the root of onion as well without any damage, which means the peeled onions can also be stored for many days.

onion root cutting and peeling machine
◆ The degree of peeling can be adjusted according to the clients’ requirements, in case of waste caused by excessive skin peeling.
◆ Installed with safety protection device, this onion peeling machine will not bring any person injury.
◆ Suitable for complete onion processing production line or single onion peeling working.

onion peeling machine

Applications of Kingston Onion Processing Machines

In a word, our onion peeling machine has novel and beautiful appearance, simple structure, safe and reliable operation, stable, no noise and high efficiency. Besides, the drying barrel of the equipment has a hot air circulation function, which can keep the onions dry even in humid climates. Our onion cutting machine has been applied for the peeling of round vegetables such as shallots and onions, suitable for the production and processing of starch factories, food factories, dehydrated vegetable factories, large canteens and restaurants.

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