Brief Introduction on Kingston Chili Pepper Cutter/Slicer Machine

The chili cutter machine is mainly used to process large amounts of dry & fresh chili peppers, for industrial use. The chili processing machine can remove chili stem first and then cut chili into several small slices for further processing.
1. Chili stem removing function: one operator is needed to feed the chili peppers into the hopper, then the chili stem cutter machine will automatically remove the stem. Easy to operate, convenient and effective.
2. Chili pepper cutting function: after cutting pepper’s stem, the pepper slicer machine will automatically slice the chili pepper into the circles, sections, shreds with adjustable size, for kitchen use. Therefore the chilli cutter machine is a must-have equipment in restaurant, school, hotel, army, and other vegetable processing factory.

chili cutter machine


The chili cutting machine is the most convenient chili processing equipment, for both dry chili and fresh chili cutting and stem removing.
Its simple design and high working efficiency makes it an ideal machine used in chili factories and small to large chili pepper processing industry.

chili chopping machine

Top Picks of Kingston Chili Pepper Cutter Machine

◆ Multi-function
It is available for cutting chilly logs, chilly circles, chilly shreds, strips, etc

◆ Adjustable cutting size, customize service
Kingston chili pepper cutting machine is optional for the size of cutting by clients’ need to meet different requirements.

◆ Full stainless steel, food standard, hygiene, healthy

◆ Professional and advanced skill, efficient, saving time and labor, fine cut chili shapes, low noise, good shaped cutting.

Chili cutting machine application

Technical Parameters of Kingston Chili Stem Cutter Machine