Developed and intended for industrial use by Kingston Food Machinery, this pomegranate peeling/deseeding machine is a special equipment and is primarily used to remove the peel of pomegranate, lemons, passion fruits and many more, and this is also to separate their seeds, which is necessary pre-processing of these fruits in order to get deep-processed products especially when pre-processing of pomegranate juice extraction.

Pomegranate Peeling Machine

Pomegranate has several medicinal features

The first phase in the processing of the pomegranate is to separate the edible part from the external hard shell. Customarily, the pomegranate is deseed by hand. It’s cut into smaller pieces and the arils are excluded from the shell. It is labor – intensive and takes a lot of time. Conversely, to remove the pomegranate, cut it in half as well as hit the hard outer shell with a spoon. This process is being modernized for faster processing. The primary goal of this project is to automate the de-seeding as well as the peeling process.

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Main Framework of the Pomegranate deseeding and peel removing machine

The pomegranate seed removal machine mainly consisted of a feeding hopper, a crushing chamber, a frame, a separating shaft as well as a rotating screen, a transmission system, an electrical control cabinet and so forth.


Feeding: Pomegranate can indeed be fed into the hopper by hoist or even manually.

Crushing device: The crushing chamber has been configured on the top of the grenade peeler machine as well as the two-layer structure can indeed be adequate to crush the pomegranate. The crushing roller of the crushing machine is made from stainless steel as well as the difference between the two rollers can be modified from 22 to 30 mm.

Pomegranate Peeling and Deseeding

Separation device: The framework comprises a separating shaft, a separating screen as well as a transmission system. The separating shaft is equipped with a spirally disbursed separating blade; the separating rotating screen is developed by the punching of a stainless-steel plate as well as its role is to separate the peel and even the fruit seeds; the transmission system is situated at the front end of the decelerating frequency control frame, via the sprocket set Drive the separating shaft as well as separate the rotating screen.

Rack: The frame is the supporting aspect of the various parts of the coupling device, which are all made of high-quality stainless steel.

Electrical control cabinets: It is built from cabinets, electrical components, frequency converters, and so on, utilized to control the supply, the opening and closing of the engine of the crushing as well as separating devices, and the adjustment of the motor speed.

Pomegranate deseeder machine

Three Main Features of the Pomegranate Peeling/Crushing Machine

1. The pomegranate peeling machine is built of food grade 304 stainless steel as well as the material is very outstanding. The thickness of the steel plate is solely produced in compliance with the company level of quality. The outer case of the machine is frosted as well as the lines are fine. The build quality of the frame is justifiable, the footprint is small, the output is large, the appearance is cohesive as well as beautiful, and the operation is seamless.

2. This pomegranate deseeder machine reduces the breakage of pomegranate seeds and acquires more pomegranate juice. Not only would it retain the original taste of pomegranate juice, it has a tannin content of no more than 4 percent. This guarantees that pomegranate juice is high in nutritional benefits as well as eliminates bitter taste.

3.The industrial pomegranate deseeding machine is productive for clean peeling and also has a high peeling rate.  The crushing tool within the machine can indeed be adjusted for different sizes of the pomegranate. The machinery can also be modified as per the requirements of the customer.

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machine to deseed and make pomagrante juice


Technical Parameter of Kingston Pomegranate Deseeder Machine

Capacity: 1-2ton/hr

Power: 6.2KW

Material: stainless steel

Dimensions: 2100×885×1900mm

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