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The powerful industrial food dryer is a perfect size, it has 2 trolleys and 48 pieces of trays. The size is approximate 89 inches long x 47 inches wide x 79 inches high. Perfect for both startup home based business and commercial scale food drying. dehydration line

What is the Food Dehydrator Used for?

It is a hot air circulation oven drying machine for industrial scale Seafood, Fruit, Vegetable, Meat, Flower & Leaves, Herbs & Spices drying and so on. The commercial food dehydrator has the ability to ensure you get the best drying results no matter how big or small the batch.

Stainless steel trolley of hot air dryer

Components of drying oven

Kingston food dehydrator’s large capacity and precise temperature control make it perfect for industrial vegetable and fruit drying. It mainly consists of temperature control system and smart electrical circulation fan.
◆ The fan is an axial-flow fan which is high temperature resistance. It is suitable for a large air flow rate with super low-noise feature.
◆ The temperature control system works automatically. As food drying has high requirements on the response speed and accuracy of temperature control, Kingston hot air dryer is designed capably in controlling the drying temperature.
◆ The hot air fruit drying machine is sealed completely shut during dehydrating process.

Working Principle of Hot Air Food Dryer

As we all know, air flow rate and temperature control is the top two essential parameters for hot air generating in heating zone.
In food drying process, a powerful 15kW heater raises the food temperature. The above-mentioned heavy duty axial fan circulates the air through the trays. While the exhaust fan generates enough air circulation to remove the moisture in the dehydration chamber, and send it to the outside of dryer machine.


Features of Kingston Hot Air Food Drying Machine

1. Stainless steel material inside , electric heating, low noise cooling fan, air flow average and fast drying and flowing.
2. Drying tray made of stainless steel square pipe, equipped with trolley and easy moving, durable and amazing appearance.
3. Closet door and body are silicon rubber sealing, controlling system with button controller, automatic controlling and temperature balancing.
4. Automatic alarming when faulting happened.

Hot Air Tray Food Dryer

Technical Parameters of fruit and vegetable dryer/fruit dehydrator

Model: CT-C-1
evaporation area:  14.1m2
volume: 2.6 m3
capacity: 50-100kg/lot
heating power: 15KW
draught fan power:  0.45 kw
temperature range:  ±2℃
trolley:  2
trays: 48pcs
weight: 1200kg
dimensions: 2260*1200*2000mmhot air fruit drying equipment