Introduction of Kingston Commercial Nuts Slivering Machine

Just like nut chopping machine, Kingston nut slivering machine is also one of the most hot-selling nut processing equipment, especially for large capacity peanut/almond/pistachio strips cutting.
Usage: it is used to cut whole almonds/peanuts into shoestring pieces (strips), for commercial scale slivered almond making.

almond slivering machine
Shape of finished products: uniform and smooth nut strips, with less broken rate.
What makes it so cool? The reason why Kingston nut slivering machine is better than the rest is its state-of-the-art engineering. Kingston Machinery supplies world-class food processing equipment, and develops processes to manufacture the product for market.
Slivering rate: as high as 99%
Components: the slivered peanut cutting machine is composed of cutter, cutting roller, vibration feeding device, silo and sieve.


Top Picks of Commercial Slivered Almond Cutting Machine 

1.Advanced slivering technology with high output
The almond slivering machine is a newly-designed cutting equipment developed by Kingston factory. We introduce advanced skill-design and top-quality blades, safeguarding the slivering efficiency.

slivered almond cutting machine
2.Fully made of stainless steel
It perfectly meets food hygiene and safety standard. Kingston is a reputable and reliable manufacture that you can trust in in supplying top-quality nut processing machines with hygienic design, ensuring safe food production and preventing food contamination.
3.Wide application
The nut slivering machine is suitable for pistachio, almonds, raw peanuts, roasted peanuts, half peanuts cutting and other nuts processing. Therefore, it is also called as slivered almond cutting machine, or peanut slivering machine.
4.Fast slivering speed
It is with high capacity (100kg/h), high slivering efficiency, and adjustable nut sliver size. It is the best selling slivered nut machine, especially widely used for half peanut cutting.
You may be interesting of peanut half cutting machine.
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peanut slivering machine

Additional Information on Kingston Almond Slivering Machine

◆ It is available for slivering almonds, peanuts, apricot pits nuts, etc
◆ It is optional for width slivering, between 3mm and 5mm, generally speaking slivering 4mm is widely used for production option
◆ Professional and advanced skill, efficient, saving time and labor, good result slivering
◆ Final almond sliver smooth and no broken, good shaped, low powder rate below 1%, high slivering rate, always used on bakery, food processing.


Technical Parameters of Nut Slivering Machine

Model: HT-01
Capacity: 100kg/hour
Powder rate: <1%
Slivering width: 3mm/4mm/5mm/optional
Power: 380v/1.48kw
Dimensions: 1500*900*1300mm
Weight: 260kg

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