1. Features and functions: 

1、It is available for kinds of food trays packaging, continuously automatic finish vacuum pump, automatic mixing retain fresh gas(CO2、N2、O2)gas filling, sealing and packaging, slitting, final products discharging, etc steps

2、It is available for different kinds of films and trays sealing and packaging, complex film, monofilm, PP, co-extruded poly, etc

3、PLC control system, touch screen, realize human-computer interface and dialogue, PLC system set and amend each action and parameters, easy controlling and reliable, accurate and flexible, low failure rate

4、Made of food grade stainless steel 304 material, easy cleaning

5、All parameters such as sealing pressure, temperature and time, etc, could be controlled accurately

6、Photoelectric tracking film image, ensure package printing image complete and no fault

7、Shape of mold could be customized as per customers shape tray or styles

8、Whole machine us famous electronic components, quality reliable, design as per CE standard, safe running and function

9、Tray size 220*130mm, each time sealing 2 box, capacity 260-400 box per hour


  1. Major components:

1、Whole machine made of food grade SUS304

2、PLC system is famous brand Omron

3、Pneumatic elements are YADEKE brand Taiwan


  1. Technical parameters:
    Box size (mm)Customized mold as per shape of box trays
    Film max size (mm)300
    Film max diameter (mm)300
    Electric voltage220 V/ 50HZ
    Pressure (map)0.6-0.8
    Gas accuracy≥99%
    Weight (kg)320
    Dimensions (mm)920×590×1720

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