Brief introduction of toffe enveloping machine:

  1. This machine is equipped device of candy-setting plate for materials-entering, and it could be used for single and double layers of wrapping paper.
  2. It is 100% packing rate, no empty package, and automatically followed by photo electricity of computer, and adjusted by frequency-changing device for speed.
  3. Packingmaterial:

cellophane/pvc/polypropylene/waxed paper/composite materials, etc.

  1. Shape of candies: ellipse (oval), cylindrical, square, spherical and round slice.



Technical parameters of candy wrapping machine:

  Packing speed200-600pcs/min(depends on product)
  Candy size L 12-32mm; W 12-26mm; H 6-20mm
Total power2.5 KW
Power supply3 Ph. 380V, 50/60Hz
Machine sizeL2000 × W1100 × H1800mm
Net weight1080kg


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