Water sachet machine/liquid packing machine/liquid bagging machine/water filling and sealing machine

Main features:

Automatic measuring, filling, counting, stable function, easy adjusting, fix qty adjustable, date printing need equipped with printer

Applicable scope:

Liquid and thickness liquid, sauce filling packing

Main performance:

Able to automatically complete discontinuous running of measure,filling,counting and printing(it is necessary to separately configure coder),performance is stable, adjustment is convenient,and ration is adjustable.

Range of application:

This machine is applicable to automatic filling and packing of liquid and dope.


Technical Figures:

Size of Bag(mm)L40-280 W20-150
Range of Measurment(ml)300-1000
Packing Speed(bag/min)25-50
Power (kw)1.5


Videl link: https://www.youtube.com/shorts/oyj2xaTRMRo