Plastic cup filling and sealing machine:

I: Features of jelly cup filling machine

  1. Steps: feeding cups–filling chunks–filling juice–sealing–conveying final product
  2. Full stainless steel 304 food grade
  3. Aluminum plate part: module aluminum plate four hole aluminum alloy acidproof aluminum mold
  4. Transmission system: motor, reducer, CAM divider, template, etc.  Intermittent transmission device, pneumatic control element, intelligent digital temperature control system.  Precision CAM divider step clearance operation, high performance reducer;  Smooth transmission, low impact force, accurate position.
  5. Drop cup system: adopt pneumatic mechanical control cup fall into aluminum plate.

Sealing system: copper perm

  1. Sealing system: adopt constant temperature (intelligent temperature control single control) hot pressing sealing, sealing pressure is adjustable.
  2. Cup out system: Drop the cup out of the cup
  3. Packaging material can be PP, PE, PET.etc, available for various shapes of box or cups filling and sealing


II: Specification of fruit jam packing machine

Type: automatic

Stype: 8 hole(double row)

Voltage:3phase 380V/50HZ (or customized as request)


Temperature:0-400℃ (adjustable)


Capacity:≥5000-6000 cups/hour

Speed:4-5 seconds




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