Metal detector:

The basic function of metal detector is to detect whether in the nonmetallic medium includes the metal impurities. The metal impurities existence directly will affect the product quality or possibly directly affects the important production equipment security. If food includes the metal impurities, it possibly directly will endanger the personal safety or the health.

The metal detector involves 4 series: H, L, P, T. It Is suitable to food, the medicines, the chemical industry, the plastic, the chemical fiber, mining and each kind of different application.

Characteristic of metal inspector:

  1. Examinations sensitivities are high

We can achieve highest sensitivity of Fe: 0.6mm. The sensitivity is the best sensitivity when we lay aside the examination ball in the surface of conveyer belt. The actual examination sensitivity is decided by detected production and the field work environment.

  1. Adaptation scopes are broad

The metal detector may adapt in high temperature, the low temperature working conditions. In the quite bad working conditions, it similarly has the splendid sensitivity performance.

  1. Adjustment of examinations parameters is convenient

The adjustment of examination parameter to the metal detector is convenient and direct-viewing. The uniformity and the stability of examination parameter are very good. In view of the same examination product, the examination parameter does not change along with time.

  1. Waterproof dustproof performance are good

According to the order, it can meet the IP-65 waterproofing requirements.

Structures of metal locator:


1: detect head

2: Instrument box

3: Power and controller box

4: Frame

5: Switch

6: Oriented bar

7: Shock absorber

8: Conveyor belt

9: Conveyor adjust bolt

10: Sustainer

11: Wheel

12: Conveyor belt support wheel

13: Motor

14: Panel

15: Product effect adjust knob

16: Sensitivity adjust knob for channel 1

17: Sensitivity adjust knob for channel 2


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