Computer high speed cross cutting machine

Features and performances:

This machine is suitable for cutting all kinds of paper, self-adhesive, paper-plastic compound, non-woven and other large drum packaging materials.  This machine adopts servo motor to control constant length cutting.  Drive system adopts pneumatic, photoelectric sensor and other centralized control, the machine integrates light, electricity and gas, easy operation, high cutting precision, mechanical stability, low noise advantages.  (Pneumatic feeding optional) Motor frequency control, automatic counting, alarm stop, magnetic powder taper automatically adjust tension function.  It is the ideal equipment for high quality large coil cutting


Features of A4 paper cutting and packaging machine

  1. Host frequency control, Panasonic PLC touch screen control system, automatic counting, automatic length, alarm parking, automatic control and other functions
  2. The frame adopts 16mm steel plate structure, the crosscutting tool holder adopts casting heavy structure, and the guide roller adopts dynamic balance treatment aluminum alloy guide roller
  3. Drive positioning traction adopts servo system drive shaft structure, feeding traction mode is motor driven sprocket drive traction rubber shaft.
  4. This machine is the ideal online crosscutting equipment, with high precision, fast speed
Max diameter1400mm
Max width1100mm
Cutting length297mm
Cutting speed20-150times/min
Dimensions (L×W×H)9200×2210×2000mm

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