Application scope: mainly used for packing tons of cement bags on cement production line, can also be used in chemical industry, minerals, building materials, food, medicine, salt, chemical industry and other industries with good fluidity of powder or small particles of high precision quantitative filling!


1、type: ton bag

2、speed: 20~40bags/h

3、weighing range: 0.5~2.0m3

4、accuracy: ±0.5%

5、pressure: 0.5 ~ 0.8MPa,

6、air consumption:   0.6m³/min

7、cyclone air volume: 1500-3000 m³/h

8、voltage: 3phase/575v/60Hz

9、room temperature: -10℃~40℃



1、 feeding control device

2、 automatic measuring shelf

3、 regulate shelf

4、 automatic hoisting shelf

5、 automatic bag holding device

6、 cyclone collector

7、 conveying device

8、 control box

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