1. Features of Aluminium foil vacune packing 15 kg machine:
  2. Fully functional, suitable for various different requirements of packaging, can be used for a single sealing process, can be used for vacuum packaging, can also be used for vacuum filling inert gas packaging.
  3. Adopt automatic program control, pumping, air (optional), sealing, cooling and other processes to complete at one time.

3, Adopt no chamber double air nozzle mechanism, exhaust (inflatable) nozzle after the completion of the work process, that is, automatically exit from the bag, sealing performance is good, advance and retreat speed is adjustable, high efficiency.

4, The pumping time and heat sealing time can be adjusted, suitable for all kinds of film and composite film sealing.

  1. Main technical parameters of Aluminium foil vacune packing machine:

Power supply: 220/380V/AC 50Hz

Motor: 0.95KW Heating power: 900W

Vacuum pump exhaust capacity: 20m³ / h

Limit vacuum degree: -0.08MPa

Air pressure: 0.5MP(5Kg/cm²)

Maximum sealing length: 600mm (can be increased to LOOOMM on request)

Maximum height of vertical packing: 200-900mm

Dimensions: 700×735×1800(mm) (Note: Other models shall be subject to the material object)


Video clip of vacuum bag closing: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=96F4W9wbyV0