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The banana is known as the “Apple of Paradise” as it is the oldest cultivated fruit there has ever been, as well as the most nutritious. It really originated in the hot tropical regions of south-east Asia. The banana plant is a tropical plant that requires a warm, humid climate. It can successfully grow from sea level to an altitude of 1,500 m. Its cultivation requires a mean temperature of 26.7°C and 100 mm of rain per month. The ideal growing conditions are deep, well-drained, friable, loamy soil with adequate organic matter.
Over 90% of the bananas produced in the country are eaten fresh. Only about 2–3 percent of bananas and plantains are processed. banana chips slicing machine, plantain chips slicing machine, banana chips slicer, plantain chips slicer, carrot slicing, etc

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The Popularity of Sliced Banana Chips

Everyone knows that bananas, when compared to other fruits, provide a well-balanced diet as well as fit the standard of good food, which is quickly digested in our bodies. It is consumed as ripe fruit, raw fruit, as well as processed fruit. Wafers/chips made from bananas are becoming increasingly popular in our everyday lives. With increased acceptance of snack foods, the banana processing unit has enormous potential to grow even further.

Quickly prepares bananas for fruit tarts, bananas foster, banana cream pie, ice cream sundaes, fruit salad, crepes, and trifles.
Faster than a knife. It makes fast work of cutting firm bananas into perfect pieces.This type slicer machine can be used for banana chips/plantain chips production line and potato chips production line.

Banana Chips were used as a part of feast as well as festival offerings, snacks, and a lot of other stuff. Chips gradually became a popular snack food and gained commercial traction in the 1980s and 1990s. It is now being used as a snack food in homes, fast food restaurants, and also as a side dish and garnish. Even nowadays, it is the only commercially manufactured processed banana product in every country.
It’s no surprise that banana chip machines are in such high demand these days.

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Industrial Equipment Used to Slice the Banana?

A Commercial Banana Slicer Machine was created specifically to cut bananas into small round pieces. For the best banana chips, the cutting thickness can indeed be easily adjusted. Every round banana chip is ensured by the vertical feeding throat. After being washed by fruit bubble washing machine, the bananas are further sliced with this equipment.
Banana chips are indeed a snack that is widely available in the snack market. Typically, fried as well as dried banana chips are dusted with sugar, honey, and chocolate. Many individuals also enjoy special salty or spicy banana chips. In food seasoning machines, all of these fried banana chips can also be flavored with various sauces for different markets.
Banana chip machines, which are used instead of manual slicing methods, have a high cutting efficiency. Cutters and knives made of stainless steel also have long service life and it can be replaced in a single step. For its compact design as well as small size, this banana chip machine is ideal for small-scale banana chip processing lines.

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About Kingston Commercial Banana Slicer Machine

We specialize in the production and export of high-quality banana chip making machines, which are in high demand in the global market. We use high-quality materials sourced from trustable suppliers to build these machines. These machines are effective for a range of tasks such as slicing, dewatering, frying, and seasoning. Kingston Machinery offers banana slicer machines, dewatering machines, frying machines, seasoning, and several other products. These machines are available in standard and customized layouts.  Chips making machines are among the products we offer. available for processing banana chips, plantain chips/Plantain/potato cutting machine

This banana slicer machine is made of non-corrosive materials. The machine is lightweight and easy to carry chips. This banana slicer machine can produce plain chips as well as long ellipses. As standard accessories, one die earthier plain wafer or ellipse is supplied. Feeding is done by hand. The Banana Chip Machine was created using cutting-edge technology. You can set the thickness of the chip as thick or thin as you need due to the Auto Pressure System’s ease of use, lack of pulley belts, as well as lack of fear of heat while frying.

We have several years of experience in this field.   We were able to gain our buyer’s trust by providing them with the best food grade stainless steel quality fruit machines and service at a rational price.

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