Model :600

2750*1600*2400mm, 950kg (machine size)

1450*1000*1650mm, 320kg (vibration feeder size)

Capacity: 2-3ton/hr

Material: SS304

Detection accuracy: The best detection accuracy of conveyor belt surface: stainless steel ball: Φ0.3mm; Glass ball: Φ0.8mm; Ceramic ball: Φ0.8mm, can be used as equipment acceptance standard.

Detection channel: width 600mm, height 100mm

X-ray light source: 350W, 80kV

Detector resolution: second generation TDI 0.4mm HD detector

Conveyor: Conveyor belt speed, 10-120 m/min.

The height of the conveyor belt plane from the ground is set at 900mm + 100mm

Conveyor belt material: food grade PU

Power supply: single-phase AC, AC 220V ±10%, 50/60Hz

Principle: Through the X-ray, the difference in the density of fruit inside the shell, the detection of worm fruit, atrophied fruit, empty shell fruit