LPG150 centrifugal spaying dryer/liquid dryer/atomization dryer:


I: Technical parameters of spray dryer ( also have lyophilizer ):

1、Max water evaporation: G=150 ㎏/h。

2、Centrifugal spaying head:speed(15000~18000)rpm,tray diameter: D=150 ㎜,conveying power: N=5.5kw,oil pump power:


3、Steam heater,30 ㎡/片,4pcs

4、Electric heating compensation,power N=63KW。

5、Draught fan:9-19-5A-11KW, speed 2900rpm。

6、Feeding system:direct current motor,power 0.6KW,flow L





II: Procedures of processing:



Air filter heater


liquid feeder dry tower deduster draught fan



III: Procedure introduction:


1、Air filter:non-woven fabrics,filter area S=9 ㎡。

2、Heater:steam heat exchange area S=120 ㎡,roll steel, electric heating materials A3。

3、Liquid tank,stainless steel,volume L=50L。

4、Feeding pump 1 set, stainless steel,power 0.6KW。

5、Drying tower,diameter D=2700 ㎜,stainless steel, insulating layer

80 ㎜,body material δ 1.2A3。

6 、 Deduster , δ 2.5 stainless steel , feeder food place stainless steel,power 0.75KW/set

7、Draught fan,model 9-19-5A-11KW,flow Q=3400m3/h, wind pressure H=500 ㎜H2O。

8、Control panel,voltage and current indicating,automatic indicating temperature, controlling,easy and safe operation