Product Application of mealworm separator:

There are four growing period for tenebrio molitor:insects, spawn, larvae and pupae,the larvae is mainly used as feed.However during the breeding,you may see many ingredients in box:Larvae (different size), pupa (different size), weak worm, dead worm, shedding of skin, leftover feed and dung etc,if not clean the sundries timely,the foul smell from them will disturb larvaes’growing,at the same time larvaes will also hurt even eat the weak worm and pupae,cause unnecessary losses.For traditional hand picking,it’s hard to clean the dead worm and pupae,need spend a lot of manpower on all procedure,which is low efficiency and big spending.In this condition,to cater farmers need,our technicians invent professional tenebrio molitor multifunctional separator which is all-in-one machine,can process to sieve dung and dead worm,blow dead skin,separate big/small worm at the same time,helping solve your problems fast and in high efficient.

Advantages of mealworm sorting machine:

  1. Fully automatic,just need one person to operate wholeprocedures;
  2. All-in-one machine,gathering functions of Sieve dung,blow dead skin,Separate big and small worm,pick out pupae and deadworm;
  3. The stronger the vitality, the cleaner the screening,separation rate nearly100%;
  4. Collect frass and inset skin in hermetic bag with lessdust;
  5. Medium-speed & Small amplitude sieve,make less influence on insect than hand
  6. The machine equip with wheels,easy to
  7. If replace appropriate mesh sieve, can also be used to filtrate sesame, rapeseed, wheat


Specifications of yellow mealworm separator:

Sieve dung/deak skin 310kg/h;

Separate big/small worm:150kg/h;

Select pupae/dead worm: 150kg/h.


Voltage:220v/50hz single phases

Machine size:1620x680x1120mm

Machine weight:230kg


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