WFJ-80 Micro mill/ultra-particle colloid grinder/micro sifter

W F J-80

Air volume

Machine setup


fine powder


1、inlet size:<10mm

Product temperature:<50℃




2、parameters of supermicro mill/particle colloid grinder

main power:55KW-2 level

grading power: 5.5KW-4 level

fan power:30KW-2 level

feeding power:1.1KW-4 level

main motor:3200rpm



discharging power:1.1KW


Structures of attitor/attritor :

The main machine is composed of a frame, a stepless speed reducer, an automatic feeder and a crushing chamber. The crushing chamber is equipped with a classification device, a bushing, a crushing knife and other main working parts. The grading shaft hole is sleeved in the crushing main shaft, and the bearing is sealed as Labyrinth.


Working principle of ultrafine grinder/superfine pulverizer

The material is pushed into the crushing chamber by the automatic feeder. Due to the negative pressure, the material entering the crushing chamber is impacted and sheared at a high speed by the crushing knife. At the same time, it is crushed by the high-frequency vibration generated by the eddy current. The negative pressure enters the classifying wheel, because the rotating powder A of the classifying wheel is simultaneously subjected to the centrifugal force F of the aerodynamic force E.


Component list of Ultrafine pulverizer/super fine crusher:

1Main machineWFJ-801setSUS304Air cooling
2Pulse cycloneMC-1081setSUS304Pulse type
3cyclone bagΦ120×1500108pcsknitting+galvanizing
4Pulse magnetic valve1 inch1setcomponent
5Pulse air bagφ1331setsus304
7Vacuum butter fly vavleDg2001pcsSUS304
8Control boxWFJ-801pcssus304
10Air valveincluded1pcssus304sector
11Whirlwind cycloneΦ8001pcsSUS3042mm
12Air pipeIncluded1setSUS3041.5mm
13Feeding stepless speed regulation1.1kw1pcsQ235+sus304Horizontal motor
14Grading motor5.5KW1pcsQ235+sus304Vertical frequency change
15Fan motor9-19-30KW1pcsQ235+ sus304Right 90C
16Whirlwind close fan5L1pcs304+ sus3041.1KW
17Main power55KW,Y1pcsQ235vertical
18Control partsIncluded1setComponent
19Pulse controInclude1setComponent10 doors
20Vibrating air hammer404pcsComponent
21Connect pipeIncludeWhole setsus304
22Whole frameInclude1setsus304

Total power:92.7KW;


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