Vietnam macadamia cutting machine

Macadamia nut production in Kenya is proving to be extremely profitable for low-income farmers because of its high demand and high returns. In the article, Kingston Machinery details the macadamia nut market in Kenya. Kingston Machinery also can providing macadamia machines, such as macadamia peeling machine or macadamia green husk peeling, macadamia nut cracking machine, macadamia shell separator, macadamia cutting machine

Chicken injector

How to marinate meat: in commercial meat processing plant, an meat brine injector machine is applied to marinate meat fully. The easiest way for beef chicken marinade. also named saline injector machine, meat injector, saline injection machine, chicken injector, saline injector, meat brine injection, the purpose is marinading and pickling flavors, make meat more delicious and tasty

Macadamia Processing line for Kenya and Vietnam

Kingston Machinery makes a detailed market analysis on macadamia economy in South Africa. As the world’s third largest producer of macadamia nuts, South Africa has a relatively complete production chain of macadamia nuts. Kenya also is a very large planting area of macadamia nuts, our company supply macadamia nuts peeling machine, macadamia husking, macadamia green husk peeling machine, cracking machine, shell and kernel separating, kernel grading machine, cutting machine, etc



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