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One of the most important processes in vegetable processing and cleaned vegetable production is vegetable cleaning. At the moment, vegetable cleaning is mostly done by hand. Vibration spraying as well as drum type vegetable washing machines are now available. This fruit washing machine  is now available. This type of washing machine helps in cleaning and reduces the workload.

It can be used in a variety of settings, including factories, hotels, restaurants, and farms. Dates, apples, oranges, tomatoes, cherries, celery, peppers, as well as other fruits and vegetables can be used to clean.

fruit and vegetable bubble washer

Introducing this Fruit and Vegetable Washing Machine

The cost effective industrial washing system is to ensure the best vegetable cleaning effect; the air bubble vegetable cleaner does include a bubble generator. The ozone and bubble generator installed in the washing machine can fill the water with bubbles as well as ozone during the cleaning process, leading to a deep cleaning effect.


Air Bubble Washer Working Principle

Massive instantaneous pressure is generated in a liquid containing many bubbles when a bubble collapses as well as bounces back. When a collapsed bubble is close to the flow’s solid boundary, the repeated action of high-pressure collapsing bubbles in the water flow could even destroy the surface of the solid, likely to result in cavitation. When the bubble bursts near the surface of the vegetables, the spherical bubble tends to follow the jet flow to the rigid solid surface.

Due to various submerged jets on the solid surface that form a thin layer of sheetflood, there is crossflow of liquid between the bubbles as well as the surface of vegetables, so the liquid pressure of the bubble wall near the surface of vegetables (called near wall) is lower than that of the end of far (called far wall), and also the centripetal movement speed is slower than most other parts. The distance here between the wall and the surface of the vegetables is now almost constant when the bubble center moves to the vegetables. To sustain momentum conservation, the bubble must accelerate, where the far wall caves inward near the near-wall. When the near wall is penetrated, a high-speed micro jet is formed.

This type of micro jet is very efficient at damaging and eroding vegetables. When the moving bubble collapses, the velocity of the microjet near the solid wall can indeed be calculated as well as measured to be 70 to 180 MPa. The above high dynamic pressure could indeed completely wash away contaminants on the vegetable surface, cutting cleaning time in half. Furthermore, that’s only the impact of the micro jet on the surface of the vegetables for one time; even as bubbles in the water keep producing, increase, as well as burst, the impact pressure of bubble collapse constantly acts on the vegetable surface, simply removing the pollutants.

The water circulation system keeps the product moving along the washing tub, whereas the air generation and distribution system produces a uniform bubble bath along its entire length of the tub. Dirt builds up on the bathtub’s bottom underneath the air jets, as well as the air no longer swirls them.

The industrial vegetable washing machine is submerged in water in the soaking zone, as well as a stream of water deploys it to the discharge conveyor. On the discharge conveyor, additional nozzles are installed for the final rinse of the product as well as for filling the washing tub with clean water. Overflow and a special filter section with a two-stage filter removing unwanted light impurities such as dirt, dust, and insects.

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Advantages of Having Air Bubble Cleaning Machine

▶ Everything is stainless steel.
▶ Efficient washing
▶ Easy-to-use
▶ Low-operating costs
▶ Long service life DIY
▶ Fast and easy cleaning and maintenance
▶ It is specially manufactured and designed by Kingston professional food processing equipment team.

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