Machineries for macadamia half cutting processing/macadamia nuts inshell half cutting/maca shells saws cut machine/macadamia nut grooving machine

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Macadamia nuts are rich in calcium, phosphorus, iron, vitamins B1, B2 and amino acids, which means high nutritional value. It is said that macadamia nuts are good for improving brain nutrition and are especially suitable for pregnant women and children. Moreover, macadamia nuts have the effect of regulating blood lipids and blood sugar, very suitable for the elderly or people with poor blood lipids. But the macadamia nut shell is relatively hard, and opening is a big problem. The traditional opening method is too slow to open and can no longer meet the market demand. Based on this practical problem, our company has developed the macadamia cutting machine for nut opening, which greatly eases market pressure, reduces labor costs, and improves production efficiency.


Features of Macadamia shell cutting machine

High efficiency: in general, the capacity of opening nut by using macadamia cutter can reach 120-150kg per hour.cutting the shell half way
◆ Low power consumption and low cost.
◆ Good finished products: the macadamia cutting machine makes the nut opening consistent with smooth surface and beautiful appearance.
◆ Easy to operate, high nut opening rate and convenient to maintain.

macadamia nut cutter

Superiority of our Macadamia nut slotting machine

Different from nut cracker machine, this advanced macadamia nut opening machine has the high degree of automation, high production efficiency and high pass rate of fruit openings, winning the majority of users agree and praise at home and abroad.
◆ The space among the internal rollers can be easily adjustable to process macadamia nuts with different sizes.
◆ This macadamia cutter is made of high-grade stainless steel with reasonable structure. In virtue of the beautiful and advanced design, it has been the preference for macadamia nut processing industry.
◆ The cutting speed of macadamia cutter can be changed through adjusting its motor. Please note that this machine should run at low speed for the first use so as to adjust its cracking efficiency timely.
◆ Our macadamia slotting machine is also able to break the hard shells of different varieties of walnuts at high shell breaking rate.

industrial macadamia nut cutter machine

Wide Application of Kingston Macadamia Cutter Machine/macadamia opening, macadamia tapping machine

In view of the characteristics of macadamia nuts, our company has developed this high-quality mac shell cutting machine that can be used for a variety of macadamias. With low damage rate and high efficiency, the shells are complete after nut opening. Our macadamia cutter has become very popular among the vast number of macadamia nut cultivation and processing field.


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