industrial sausage making process

In order to preserve meat for long time, people have started to produce sausage for a long history. First seen in Europe, sausage has had a thousand-year history, gradually spreading throughout the world. In order to suit local tastes, various countries have formed sausage products with their own flavor characteristics.

Nowadays, sausage making machine has been widely used for filling all kinds of sausage products. Especially for drier stuffing, the efficiency of our sausage stuffer is better. The upper part of the machine is equipped with a storage hopper and a butterfly valve, which can realize continuous filling without opening the cover, greatly improving the working efficiency. Developed with the advanced technology, the sausage stuffer machine adopts the principle of pneumatic and photoelectric control. It can make sausage continuously, automatically and quantificationally. Moreover, our sausage stuffer is simple to operate, convenient to maintain, quite accurate and good repeatable, which makes it the ideal equipment with high efficiency and easy operation. The whole machine is made of high-quality stainless steel, beautiful appearance, compact and reasonable structure, airtight and waterproof, easy to clean.

Sausage manufacture unit flow chart:

sausage making steps and equipment

Sausage Making Process Line/meat meals (cold smoke meat, sausage, salami and etc) production, Automatic sausage tube and tie, automatic sausage tuber 

Here are the main steps of producing standard sausage:
◆ Choice of meat ingredients
Beyond all doubt, the selection of meat ingredients is the crucial link in the incipient phase of sausage production. The raw meat selected for sausage products should come from healthy livestock, and meanwhile the meat should be fresh, good, clean and healthy that has passed the inspection, without any bacteria or other microorganisms.

◆ Meat ingredients comminution
This step is also called grinding process, aiming at reducing particles of meat. Comminution is the process of grinding raw meat from large to small and to minute particles through industrial sausage stuffer machine, so as for better emulsification and easy incorporation into sausage.

◆ Blending all ingredients for emulsification
In order to dissolve and swell the meat protein, additional stirring before further processing is called mixing. Here, we need some essential non-meat ingredients to stabilize the mixture and make sausage with better flavor, including salt, starch, water, antioxidant, and other spices or flavorings, etc. Through sufficient blending, lean meat and fat particles are evenly dispersed in a complex of water, proteins, cellular components, and various flavorings. In this process, bowl chopper machine is used.

◆ Stuffing &filling/automatic sausage filler and linker cutter
This step mainly refers to putting the prepared meat into the casing or container, forming the case-hardened sausage products. The quality of stuffing has a big effect on the quality of finished sausage products, so we recommend a professional sausage stuffer machine to high-efficiency and high-grade filling work. After meat stuffing, the sausage are tyed by sausage clipper machine.

◆ Smoking Process
Smoking process is also necessary because it can endow the sausage with a unique smoky flavor, improving the color of the sausage. At the same time, it also can realize dehydration and sterilization, enhancing the preservation of the product. Here, professional meat smoking machine will be very helpful.

sausage smoking process
◆ Package & storage
Finally, the finished sausage products, especially for sale, should be packed and preserved without delay in order to keep the freshness and good quality for a long time.

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