At present, centrifuge de-oiling machine has been widely used not only for fried food and puffed food, but also for the work of dehydrated food, fruit and vegetable after washing as well. In food processing plant, it is usually used in combination with food frying machine.

potato chips dewatering machine

Working Pinciple of Kingston Centrifugal Dewatering Machine

On the basis of the working principle of centrifugal force, our centrifuge de-oiling machine has the ability to realize the food degreasing after deep-fried, promoting product quality, lowering costs and prolonging the expiration date of food. In addition, this series multi-functional centrifuge de-oiling/dewatering machine is able to be applied for dehydrating food after washing frying or blanching in water, such as chips, vegetables, peanuts, stuffing, and vegetable paste and so on, removing the moisture on food appearance. it is one of the most important processing equipment in plantain chips processing line.


Features of Kingston Centrifugal Deoiling Machine

▼ Except for the hydraulic part, most parts of the machine adopt food grade stainless steel material, conforming to the requirement of food sanitation. Moreover, stainless steel makes it easy to clean and maintain, avoiding rusting and corrosion.
▼ With time controller installed on the centrifuge de-oiling machine, users can set drying and degreasing time freely according to the quantity of food materials, greatly improving the working efficiency.
▼ This centrifuge de-oiling machine only just needs small occupation of land, which means workers can put materials into the feeding hopper conveniently, just standing on the floor.
▼ With digital displaying and electromagnetic brake, Kingston centrifuge dewatering machine has flexible and unloadable feeding hopper, very convenient for cleaning and material handling.
▼ Equipped with large caliber outfall, this machine can discharge the dehydrated water in time, enhancing dewatering efficiency to a large extent.

centrifugal dewatering machine

Applications of Centrifugal Vegetable Dewatering Machine/THREE-FOOT UPPER DISCHARGE CENTRIFUGE Dewatering machine 

Nowadays, energy-saving centrifuge de-oiling machine has become an indispensable helper in the fried food industry. This machine is suitable for fried potato chips, puffed snack foods and nut snacks, such as rice crackers, peanuts, broad beans, pine nuts and so forth.

After de-oiled, fried food and puffed food have low oil content, long shelf life and better taste, which are healthier for people to eat.

Besides, our centrifuge de-oiling machine can be also used for the cleaning, dehydrating and drying of fruits and vegetables after blanching in the fruit and vegetable processing industry.


Technical Parameters On Centrifugal De-oiling Machine