vegetable dicer

The commercial Vegetable dicing machine can cut a variety of vegetables into dices, not only reducing processing cost and time but also increasing the output. It has shown good performance and high efficiency to customers.
Kingston vegetable dicer machine is able to cut fruits, stem vegetables and root vegetables into cubes, such as potato, onion, carrot, mushroom, lotus root, celery, apple, pear, and so on. It has been extensively applied for kitchen, restaurant, mess hall, hotel and other vegetable processing factory.

Features of Vegetable Dicer

▶ Made of high quality stainless steel
The vegetable and fruit dicer is not easy to rust, and at the same time, it also can keep the vegetables clean and safe, meeting hygiene standard.
▶ Adopts composite cutters
The dicing machine has the following characteristics: one-time forming, regular shape, smooth cut surface, high forming rate, consistent size, smooth and flat cross section.
▶ The cube size of fruit and vegetable can be adjustable.
For now, our company can provide several cube sizes to meet different customers’ requirements, including 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm,15mm, and optional or special made as request.
▶ Meanwhile, it has the advanced design, convenient operation, low energy consumption, high efficiency, anti-corrosion, beautiful, and in line with hygienic standards.
▶ This vegetable cutting dicer has the ability to keep the cubed vegetables and fruits smooth and uniform with good appearance, without damaging the fibrous tissue of fruits and vegetables
▶ In virtue of all these advantages, our potato dicer can meet customers’ needs and it has been favored by lots of domestic and overseas companies. It has been the essential equipment in vegetable processing industry for producing fresh or dehydrated vegetable.

vegetable dicing machine

Applications of Vegetable Dicing Machine

The onion| potato dicer machine is suitable for processing almost all root and stem vegetables into cube and cuboid shapes in dehydrated vegetables, quick-frozen vegetable processing plants and food pickles industry. The industrial use fruit & vegetable dicer is also applied for pickle factories, restaurants, dining halls and snack food factory.

Technical Parameters on Kingston Commercial Vegetable Dicer

Model: CHD100
Material: stainless steel
Power rate: 0.75Kw
Motor Rotate: 1400rpm
Capacity: 500-1000kg/hour
Cube size: 3/4/5/6/8/10/15MM/optional or special made as request
Feed Hopper size: 175MM
Overall dimensions: 710*660*1085MM
Weight: 100KG