Kingston Vegetable Shredding Machine

Made of pure stainless steel, this vegetable chopping machine is easy to operate and durable. It can quickly cut the vegetables and fruits into small pellets without losing moisture. Moreover, this vegetable chopper machine can help to maintain the original flavor of the fruits and vegetables. The chopping granule size is adjustable, which can satisfy different demands of customers. Its thick stainless steel plate makes the machine with long lifespan with no rust.
industrial vegetable dicing machine

Net Weight100kg

Features of Kingston Vegetable Chopping Machine

◆ This industrial vegetable shredder machine is easy to operate and control and has the cost-effective advantage.
◆ The vegetable chopper has the advanced design, convenient operation, low energy consumption, high effect and beautiful appearance.
◆ On account of the introduction of foreign assembly technology and process manufacturing, our vegetable cutting machine is the most advanced vegetable chopper in China.
◆ The maintenance cost is lower, and it is more suitable for production lines with high product quality requirements and high cost performance. The quality of this vegetable chopper is very reliable and stable.

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◆ All-round humanized safety device to ensure the safety of operators.
◆ Made of stainless steel, effectively avoiding rustiness and corrosion.
◆ The vegetable shredding machine is safe and hygienic, in line with the national safety requirements for food machinery.

vegetable cutting machine

Applications on Kingston Vegetable Shredder Machine

Vegetable shredding machine is very suitable for commercial production of vegetable granules and fruit cubes. This vegetable chopper machine is very efficient and extensively applied in the food processing industry, especially useful for commercial kitchen and restaurants.
The vegetable granules chopped by Kingston vegetable chopping machine have good appearance and even size, which makes this multi-functional cutter more attractive in the market and widely prized by our customers. Great quality vegetable shredder is able to cut a variety of vegetables and fruits into particles, like onions, carrot, chilies, celery, beetroot, mushroom, fragrant-flowered garlic and other vegetables, with widely application for commercial kitchen industry.

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