mango pulp machine

For the production of top quality mango puree and mango pulp, Choose Kingston Mango Juicing Machine/mango depulper/mango juicer/mango destoner

Introduction on Kingston Mango Pulp Processing Machine

It is specially designed for mango processors who are in great demands on large capacity mango juice production. The mango juice processing plant is with innovative design and mainly consisted of elevator and high efficiency mango pulp making equipment. Automatic, Time-saving, and Cost-effective mango puree making machine

Elevator in mango pulp processing line


It consists of motor, frame, roller, chain wheel, chain, and buckwet board. Available for horizontal conveying and hoisting conveying,lean angel not above 45°

—Notes when using Kingston mango elevating machine:
1.fasten each bolts
2.keep stable and no vibrating, keep clean
3.lubrication well occasionally
4.trial running 20 minutes, power off, check again, then normal running
5.keep clean after each batch process

—Parameters of mango peeler and juicer:
Net width: 400mm
Hoisting angle ≤ 45°
Loading capacity: 15kg/m
Speed: max 20m/min (adjustable)
Power: 0.75kw

mango puree machine

Cost effective Mango Pulping Machine, mango pulp extractor/Mango pulping process / production line.

It is made of stainless steel. Operators can install the mango puree machine in a complete processing line, or use it alone.
It can be used for not only mango puree refining, but tomato, kiwi, apple, pear, date, cherry, and other fruits. In large scale mango processing, Kingston mango pulp machine is a better alternative for peel, core and pulp automatic separating. it is mango skin and core separating machine, or mango skin and core removing machine


Notices: the mango juicer machine can also be used for tomato pulp making and processing. It is a multi-usage pulp machine for sale with ex-factory price.

Working Principle of Kingston Commercial Mango Puree Machine/tamarind pulp extraction

◆ Electric motor runs through belt, making the rotor rotating at high speed.
◆ Mango are delivered into the processing machine via elevator.
◆ Vans inside the mango pulp machine push forward and crush the mango meat into pump, as centrifugal force.
◆ Mango pump go through sieve holes and are discharged from the outlet.
◆ Mango peel and core will come out from the other discharging port. The core is removed first, and then removing peel to get final mango pulp. See more detailed information on mango peeler machine here.
The mango juicer machine can completely separate puree pure, clean and heath. mango destoning and depuling, separating the core and outer peel, get pulp

—Notes when using Kingston mango puree extract machine/ pulp machine for mangoes
1. Do install your mango pulp machine on flat ground.
2. Fasten the ground bolts and check if the bolts loosen.
3. Do confirm the rotate direction correctly when connecting power.
4. Kingston Food Machinery recommends that all brand-new mango pulp making machine should keep trial running for at least 5 minutes to confirm if everything is okay. If yes, then begin pulp processing production.
5. Feeding mango or other fruits gradually, do not force them when feeding.
6. Do remember regulate angel and sieve gap well to promise a steady operation of the mango puree machine.
7. Open the cover after the rotor stopping running.
8. When each batch production over, clean the sieve, open the front cover, take off the bolt, take apart the rotor and sieve, cleaning by water and brush is ok.
9. You need to check if over heating occasionally, to promise the whole mango pump production safe.

mango juicer machine
10. Check the belt if too fasten or too loose,can turn around by hand, always 90o is best,regulate the bolt to adjust.
11. Bearing normal temperature below 75℃,lubrucating occasionally,prolong the life of bearing.
12. Check the rotating belt is old or broken, change new one on time.

Video clip of Mango peeler and deseed machine: