Potato stick cutting machine is suitable for cutting roots, bulbs and potato hard vegetables. It is the ideal processing equipment for making fresh vegetables and dehydrated vegetables in the vegetable processing industry. Most important of all, it is also the optimum selection for processing French fries in the fast food industry.also named french fries cutting machine, french fries making machine, french fries cutter, potato fries cutter

potato chips cutter machine


Potato stick cutting machine is high-efficiency automatic potato cutting equipment that can precisely cut full potatoes into rectangular chips with a variety of thicknesses.
▼ The cutter disk of the potato chip cutter can also be adjustable according to different dimensional requirements. Customers can cut the shapes they want by installing the relative blades.
▼ This potato chip making machine can be individually cut into sticks, cut into shreds, freely adjusting thickness. And it is able to cut a large number of potatoes quickly and easily.
▼ It is easy to operate with high yield, reliable with good quality and good appearance as well.
▼ The potato chip cutting machine is able to cut potatoes into slice, stick and shred individually, and the cut products are smooth and uniform without breaking. The cutted potato chips can be further processed by food frying machine. deoiling machine, flavoring machine
▼ The machine is made with stainless steel and alloy production, conforming to the requirement of food safety and sanitation, and it is currently the most advanced potato stick cutting equipment. fully operational industrial Potato Machine, potato Peel, Wash, Cut into Chips and Bagging Machine

potato stick cutter machine

Working Principle

The potato stick cutting machine adopts the centrifugal principle for cutting. The material rotates on the turntable, and under the action of centrifugal force, the cut product is thrown out for further steaming, boiling and frying process. At the same time, the potato chip cutter can slice, cut and shred, widely used for slicing and shredding potato, pumpkin, carrot, ginger and other roots and stems.

Notes: Brush type potato washing machine is highly recommended for all processors to remove the dirty skin of potatoes. it can washing and peeling potatoes


Technical Parameter

Material Stainless steel
Power 220v/50Hz/0.75kw
Capacity 100kg/h
Size 650*510*800MM
Weight 60kg

potato chip making machine


With standard chip size, it is always applied for potato chip processing plant and fruit and vegetable processing plant. Potato chip cutter is mainly used for cutting potato, sweet potato, taro, radish, carrot, mustard, eggplant and other root vegetables into strips and chips. The thickness of the special knife can be adjusted automatically, which greatly improves the flexibility of the potato chip making machine, and makes it quite popular among fast food stores or food processing plants for many years.