Pinecone thresher

Features and introduction of pinecone thresher:

It is used on threshing pine cone, take out the seeds

It is consist of frame, threshing unit, sorting unit, and transmission unit

1、frame:seamed and welded by angle iron, loading the whole machine weight

2、threshing unit:include feeding funnel, top cover, drum and recess plant, drum is the main part, recess plate is fixed on the frame by screw bolt and fastener

3、sorting unit: include double deck sieve, draught fan and three air absorb pipes, sieve hanged on the frame by four suspenders, fan and pipes fixed on the frame, fan blades fixed on the shaft

4、transmission unit:driving by electricity or tractor, belt wheel make drum rotating by the triangular belt driving, small belt wheel on the drum driving eccentric shaft rotating, eccentric gear driving connecting rod make sieve moving advance and returning


Principle and technological process of pinecone deseeder:

Feeding in, pine cone through drum and recess plate, striking by wire nail teeth, pine cone strike and rub, pine cone and plate strike and rub, threshing the seeds, at the same time, material is pushed from feeding port to discharging hole,seeds and impurity separated by the recess plate holes, fall down to sieve, un separated seeds go to the separate sieve again, separated again, fall down to sieve the seeds and mixtures, is transported to the bottom of absorb pipe, during the transmit process, impurity fall to floor, sorted seeds was transported to the discharging port


Technical parameters of pinecone deseeding machine:





Threshing rate:>99%

Broken rate:<1.5%

Impurity rate:<1.5%




Oat hulling machine

Function and Features of oat huller

TY1000 It is designed to de-hull, remove shells, separate and re-separate for oats. The compact hullers are controlled by frequency converter, which can easily adjust the speed of huller so as to control the capacity and the percentage of broken kernels.

The un-hulled seeds return back to de-huller for next round hulling automatically. The machine features of easy operation and maintenance.


Component of oat de-huller

The machine consists of: Input hopper, elevator, main de-hulling part, separator, un-hulled oats cycling system, electric control panel.



Un-hulled seeds

Feeding → elevating → hulling → separating out shells from seeds and kernels      separating seeds from

Un-hulled seeds


kernels  → oat kernels


Technical Parameters of oat de-husker

Power: 8.13Kw(380V)

Processing capacity:0.8-1.0t/hour

% of the whole kernels: 95% min. (Broken kernel is that less than 1/2 of whole kernel)

% of seeds in the finished product: 2.4% max.

% of seeds and kernels in the shells: 0.3% max.

Occupied area: 8m × 3m

Height: 3m

Weight: 3t

Operator: 2 persons


Canadian Buckwheat de-hulling machine

Complete buckwheat hulling unit 300kg/hr/buckwheat dehuller/buckwheat husking


Buckwheat cleaning and grading unit:

Components:Feeding funnel, multifunction shaker, elevator, grading sieve, electric box

Craft of process: Feeding—shaking and removing impurity—hoisting—grading/6-8 levels


Grading to 6 sizes: 3.1、3.3、3.5、3.7、3.9、4.1

Main parameters:

Power: 8.18kw

Capacity: 500-600kg raw material/hour

Location area: 8*4m

Height of install: 2.7m


Buckwheat hulling and sorting unit:

Components: Funnel, elevator, huller, electric box

Craft of process: feeding—hoisting—hulling—sorting—final kernels (non de-hulled will go back to elevator for hulling and sorting again, until de-hulled completely)


Main parameters:

Power: 10.3kw

Kernel rate: >75%

Non de-hulling rate: <3%

Sorting rate: >99.5%

Whole kernel: >98%

Location area: 5.5*3m

Height of install: 2.8m



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Sunflower seeds sheller

Functions and features:            
1. This plant is available for cleaning sunflower seeds, dehulling, peeling, sorting, and re-sorting

  1. The un-dehulle sunflower seeds can be back to machine for dehulling again, full automatic processing
  2. Low consumption, stable running, high degree of automation, low losing rate, few broken rate
  3. Easy operation and maintenance, very advanced and professional sunflower seeds cleaning, dehulling and sorting unit


Product structures:
Include feeding funnel, elevator, cleaner, bucket elevator, dehuller(4sets), vibrating conveying wind sorter, shells and kernels sorting combination machine, induced draft feeding back system, electrical control


Process flow:

Feeding→elevating→cleaning→elevating→dehulling→ peeling→ sorting→sorting→sorting→sorting→final kernels

Technical parameters
Power:12.55kw(380v)                                      Capacity:600-800kg/hour
Whole rate:≥90%
Kernel mix with raw seeds:≤2%                             Hull with kernel:≤0.3%
Location area:13.7m 2.8m                                 Height:4m
Weight:6tons                                          Operator:2 person


Specifications of each item:

Return systemHLK-12004.22.03.0240
Electric box
Total weight:4.8ton


Brown hazelnut peeler

Hazelnut peeling machine/hazelnut brown skin peeler/hazelnut kernel peeling machine/peeling machine for Hazelnut/hazelnut blanching machine

(I) Functions and features

ST-150 is the machines that can automatically remove the peels of separated cashew, peanuts, soybean and pine nuts with a dry-type pneumatic processing technology, which can produce smooth and non-damage nuts reaching the national environment-protection and sanitation standards, as well as requirements for export.

The machine is driven by an air compress and uses pneumatic power to remove the out skin of the nuts with different sizes. It is applied to agricultural products with membrane. The machine is widely used for deep processing of garlic, by food processing factories, mines, army’s and schools’ dining rooms, vegetable distribution centers, agricultural produce fairs and other processing units and individuals.


(II) Technical data of machine peel out brown husk of kernels

Capacity 200-300kg/hr

Peeling rate 98%

Dimensions 680*600*1600mm

Weight 170kg




Video page:


Hazelnut green leaves husking machine

Matters needing attention/De husking and removing debris  

First, big fruit hazelnut must be ripe picking, tree sway under the best.  

Two, light a day or a day and a half or so thin point on the ground after drying, pass pile, while the tide peeling effect is the best  

Three, wire more than 5 square copper wire, electricity to use the guillotine.  Don’t use sockets.  Maximum amount of electricity for the best results, not too long wires  

Four desquamate when the tail out of the skin place lifted desquamate.  

The hazelnut hu after 5 take off is clean, have without impurity the discretion that needs debugging tuyere.  

Six, the machine on the 28(B21, Dawei, 110) eyes screen bottom, with 25(jade pendant) and 30 eyes (226 varieties) screen bottom, because do not know each other’s fruit size (due to different regions), 226 varieties fragile is not easy to take off, this is normal, mixed fruit is not as good as a single variety peeling effect. also have In-shell hazelnut cleaning & processing

Capacity: 400kg/hr


Voltage: 380v/220v

Peeling rate:>98%


Weight: 170kg


Before husking:


After de husking:

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Sacha Inchi Seed De Husker

Sacha Inchi Seeds De husker/inca fruit sheller/inca inchi de husking machine/Plukenetia volubilis de husker/De HusK the Croton BUD  from the seed shell

Separate the dehusked material from seed shell/crush the seed shell and separate the seed from the seed shell/shell opening & separating machine/De husking and separating machine

Size 0.65*0.65*1.2m

Motor 1.5kw



Shelling rate:98%

Whole rate:98%

Material: food grade SUS



Info On the Croton Tree a

Common Name: alabama croton

Type: Deciduous shrub

Family: Euphorbiaceae

Native Range: Southern United States

Zone: 6 to 8

Height: 6.00 to 10.00 feet

Spread: 6.00 to 10.00 feet

Bloom Time: March to April

Bloom Description: Greenish-yellow

Sun: Full sun to part shade

Water: Medium

Maintenance: Low

Flower: Showy

Leaf: Good Fall

Tolerate: Drought


Culture of  croton seed de-husking machine

Easily grown in organically rich, well-drained soils in full sun to part shade. Best in part shade. Thrives in sandy soils. Established plants tolerate some soil dryness.

Noteworthy Characteristics

Croton alabamensis, commonly called Alabama croton, is a rare, semi-evergreen to deciduous, loose-rounded, thicket-forming, multi-stemmed shrub that is only found today in four central Alabama counties plus in three counties in Texas under the name of Croton alabamensis var. texensis with the common name of Texabama croton. A former small population in one county in Tennessee may be extirpated.

This rare plant typically grows to 6-10’ tall and as wide. Alternate, simple, apple-green (green to olive green), semi-evergreen, oblong to ovate leaves (2-4” long) have some silvery scales above but are silvery white below. Older leaves turn orange-red in fall. Leaves are noted for their oval shape, glistening silver scales beneath and stunning pumpkin-orange fall color. Leaves remain on the shrub in mild winter climates with green to orange color. Crushed leaves have a banana-apple fragrance. Greenish-yellow flowers bloom in early spring (March –April) at the twig ends in racemes (to 2” long). Fruit is a drupe.

This shrub is a member of the spurge family as evidenced by the milky sap and poinsettia-like flower clusters.

Croton alabamensis is federally listed as G3 or globally vulnerable and var. texensis is listed on the endangered watch list.

Genus name is the Greek word for the castor oil plant (genus Ricinus) which is in the same family as this plant. Genus name means a tick in reference to the plant seeds resembling ticks.

Specific epithet means the plant is native to Alabama.


No serious insect or disease problems.


Deserves a special place in the garden as rare U.S. native species.

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Peanut Butter Grinding Machine









I、Features and introduction of tahini machine

It is available for grinding peanut butter, almond butter, sesame butter, etc, kinds of nut butter or paste grinding and emulsifying


II、Working principle for sesame paste machine

Its basic working principle is cutting, grinding and high speed stirring. grinding by the relative movement of the 2 teeth form, one is high speed rotating, the other one static, the material through the teeth was cutting and grinding, with high friction, at the same vibrating with high frequency, make the material disperse, emulsifying and homogeneity

III、Structures and components of tahini grinder

It is consist of grinding head, base conveying parts, and electric motor, food touch place made of stainless steel material, abrasive disc is the key parts of machine, according to different kinds of nuts, the shape of abrasive disc also different, made of stainless steel

IV、Operation and handling of machine making tahini from sesame or nuts

1、Install feeding hopper and discharging hopper, connect with water pipe for cooling

2、Connect with power, start machine to check direction of motor rotating, seen from the feeding hopper, it should be clockwise

3、Adjusting the gap of abrasive discs, loose the 2 hand shanks(anti-clockwise twist), then rotate the regulating ring clockwise, put one hand in the base to rotate fan of motor, when rotating the regulating ring, feel a little abrasion, stop quickly, then reversal rotating the regulating ring a little, let the disc gap more than the number, generally speaking, in case meet the request of fineness, make sure the gap a little bigger, it will prolong the life of disc, then fasten the hand shank clockwise, let the gap of discs fixed

4、Clean the inside and disinfection

5、Connect with water pipe, first put nuts in the hopper, then start machine

6、Don’t put stone, glass, metal in the machine, or else it will damage the discs

7、Take attention of the motor loading, don’t over loading

8、Grinder is high precise machine, gap of discs is small, rotating with high speed, so operator should use it under the regulations, stop quickly if breakdown, start again after solve problem

9、After batch production, clean it completely, don’t left residue in the machine, to avoid damage

10、No need add water in the grinding process, make sure machine inside no water, to avoid paste become thick cause breakdown


1、It is high precise machine, high speed rotating, small gaps of discs, after recondition, re-assemble must use dial gage to revise, make sure Coaxiality tolerance ≤0.5mm

2、When repair or maintenance, don’t use hammer knocking on, use wood hammer knock lightly, to avoid damage the parts, there is professional tool of the discs

3、There are static seal and motive seal, motive seal use mechanical seal and combined seal, static seal use O shape ring, fastener use copper cushion sealed, screw nut use Teflon tape sealed

4、Maintain occasionally according to the different nuts, if running well, raw material no change, can be worked continuously

Peanut butter grinder list:

















Peanut butter grinding machine. Multifunctional for various nuts or seeds, fine and smooth. Professional supplier, welcome inquiry!

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Amande Shelling Machine

Searching for large commercial grade nut shelling plant? Wondering what processing equipment a nut plant exactly includes? Looking for a complete solution to almond shelling?
Kingston turnkey 1t/h system will cover nut processors’ requirements perfectly.

1000 kg/h Large Scale Almond Shelling & Separating Plant

The almond processing plant is used to crack, de-hull almond, and separate almond shell from kernel. In the past few years, the high capacity plant earned great popularity in worldwide almond growers & processors.
It is available to use on 1000 kg/h almond shelling & separating, with perfect design, low cracking ratio and gorgeous separating effects.

large nut cracking and separating line

What does the 1 T/H Nut Processing Plant Consist of?

It mainly consists of two key equipment: Almond Shelling Machine and Kernel & Shell Separating Machine.

◆Almonds start their process in nut sheller machine, where the almond shells are cracked and then removed. The shelling rate is up to 98%. after shelling, the finished products are a mixture of almond kernels and shells. Therefore, it needs to be further processed — Separating.

Almond Shelling Machine

◆The almonds are then sent into kernel & shell separator machine which can achieve excellent separation of kernels and shells by precisely identifying their weight difference. After gravity separator machine do the initial separation, the almonds make their way through equipment that remove the thin peel from almond kernels.

almond Kernel & Shell Separating Machine

The 1000kg/h almond processing plant has a super wide application. It is designed and installed for shelling of all kinds of hard shell nuts.

Kingston 1 T/H nuts processing plant can be used for shelling and separating of

1. Walnut, 1T/H walnut cracking shelling and separating machines
It’s not an easy thing to prise apart a walnut kernel and its outer shell. For large industrial production, mechanical shelling is used. Kingston 1000kg/h production line can be regarded as the best way of shelling and cracking walnut.
Features of the production line when processing walnut: high capacity production, easy installation & operation, global standards.

almond processing equipment

2. Palm nut, industrial scale palm nut shelling line
If you are selecting an ideal palm nut cracking & shelling machine, the 1T/H production plant will perfectly finish the work on sheller machine to crack palm nut shells and then automatically conveyed to gravity separator machine for further shells removing.
The innovative palm nut shelling line is with maximum yield & minimum damage.

3. Hazelnut, completing a one-time processing hazelnut
To obtain the best shelling experience, we recommend hazelnut processors use Kingston 1000kg/h shelling plant. It is widely used for cracking a fair amount of hazelnut. The two benefits make the nut processing line a first choice when shelling hazelnut:
◆ Cracking the hazelnut with minimum broken kernels;
◆ Separating shelled hazelnut out without any damage.

4. Macadamia nut, high shelling rate
Featured by professional hulling, Kingston 1T/H processing plant can also be used for shelling of macadamia nut. It is an efficient and affordable macadamia nut cracking machine for Macadamia processing companies.

5. Other hard shell nuts like Apricot kernel, pecan nuts etc.
If you are interested in small scale shelling machine, please click the link or mail to [email protected] for more details.

Kingston Nut Processing Machinery

Kingston equipment has been utilized in global food process industry for decades. We are dedicated to provide a cross selection of first-class nut processing machines to keep processors running with minimal downtime. Our professional skills and great experience in nut processing will greatly help consumers breath new life into your nut processing. Please feel free to contact to us [email protected]

Dry Peanut Peeling Machine

dry type peanut peeling machine

What Type of Peanut Skin Peeler it is?

It is a dry type machine for removing the red skin of roasted groundnuts or dried/fried groundnuts, not for raw peanuts.
It is innovative designed by Kingston engineers, with super high peeling rate (over 98%), much higher than other suppliers. Comprised of well-constructed racks, vibration sieve, air suction device, dust collecting device, vacuum cleaner and a huller, the dry type peeling machine is not that difficult to operate, more user-friendly for green hand when compared with wet type peanut peeler.

dry type peanut peeler

Feeding, Peeling, Separating, the automatic peanut skin peeler is with “one-stop service”, free your hands, being an integral equipment in peanut processing plant.

Motor power0.55kw/380v/50hz
Fan power0.75-1.5kw

Working Principle of Kingston Roasted Peanut Skin Remover

It adopts pneumatic principle, to a great extent, ensuring the integrity of peanut kernels. The automatic digital control also reduces broken rate, helping keep roasted peanuts with great appearance for further selling.
Benefits of Kingston dry type peanut red skin peeling machine:
◆ Little to no water consumption. It is an energy efficient peeler for both small, medium and large production.
◆ The hygienic and sanitary design of Kingston peanut peeler makes it a favourable and must-have machine during epidemics and pandemics. It plays an important role in controlling the safety and quality (saving the maximum peanut nutrition) of roasted groundnuts.

roasted peanut peeling machine

◆ Top quality. The groundnut red skin remover performs excellent during the peeling process, which has been well tested by our factory and our dearest customers. With low breakage rate, the buyers will never worry about it stopping working in sudden.

How to Use Kingston Dry Type Peeling Machine to Remove Roasted Peanut Skin?

The whole peeling process can be concluded as Rolling & Rubbing.
Conveying the roasted groundnuts into the hopper, the peanuts entering peeling chamber;
Then the huller peels the peanuts automatically and completely;
Lastly, the vibration sieve will screen red coat out, and the roasted peanut kernels are discharged from the outlet of the peeler machine.