Pork skinner

Pork skinner/pork skinning machine/pork peeling machine:

Functions and features of meat skinner:

It is used on skinning white membrane on the meat, removing the white membrane on the meat, especially for beef meat membrane skinning, saving much time and labors, made of all stainless steel, easy cleaning, easy moving with wheels, stable function and durable, the processing width of meat is 500mm, and membrane thickness 0.5-6mm, fast processing speed, easy operation, very advanced and professional meat membrane skinning machine

Technical parameters of membrane remover

MaterialStainless steel
Meat width/mm500
Membrane thickness/mm0.5-6





Video clip: https://www.youtube.com/shorts/LIRpzhR7K5U

Vacuum Meat Tumbling Machine

Vacuum tumbler

Vacuum tumbler

About Kingston Vacuum Meat Marinated Machine

It is a must-have meat processing equipment in the tumbling of meat. The vacuum marinated machine is mainly used to tumble meat in vacuum condition, to a great extent, promoting marinade solution penetration.
vacuum tumbler is a combination of marination and tumbling. It is a new technique developed by Kingston Team, to accelerate marinade transport throughout the meat.
◆ the vacuum tumbling machine improves color stability and tenderness of the meat.
◆ marination mixtures can be evenly applied to the meat through vacuum tumbling, causing alteration in muscle tissue.
◆ vacuum tumble marination makes meat juicier and faster cooking.

Vacuum Meat Marinated Machine

ModelVacuum degreeVolumeRotary speedPowerWeightDimension



How does Kingston Vacuum Tumbler Work?

The working principle of the vacuum tumbler: The vacuum tumbler is in the vacuum state, the material is expanded after being negatively pressured, and at the same time, the marinade is evenly distributed in the meat and fully absorbed by the circular massage, beating, and standing of the paddle.

Meat tumbling preparation:

  1. Placing meat in the vacuum tumbler;
  2. The corresponding volume of marinade.

Meat rotate in drum, falling and making contact with marinade and metal paddles. The physical rolling process could tumble marinate all boneless skinless breast meat under vacuum pressure, and consequently causes increased marinade uptake in the meat.

Commercial Vacuum Meat Tumbling Machine

Features and Introductions of Commercial Vacuum Meat Tumbling Machine

1. It is in the vacuum status, meat in the drum impacting, turning and rolling, beating, make the meat messaging, marinating, and tumbling, and pickling absorbing flavoring enough, increasing the meat quality, soft and fresh, increasing yielding rate, keep meat quality.
2. Free setting tumbling time and interval tumbling time, vacuum status tumbling time, realizing continuously tumbling, setting at will.
3. Control panel water proof, touch screen controlling.
4. Tumbling space big and reasonable, polished drum and no dead angle, discharging device available discharging water completely.
5. Agitating vane circular arc design, distributing material average, not hurt meat appearance
It is always for meat food process, sausage, ham, hotdog, kebab, spiced meat, etc.

vacuum tumbling machine

Why Vacuum Tumbling? Its Benefits?

1.Tumbling can improve the tissue structure of the meat, increase the binding force and water retention of the meat, and increase the elasticity and yield of the meat.
2. The vacuum tumbler can fully contact the protein in the tenderized raw meat with salt water, accelerate the dissolution and interaction of the protein, increase the adhesion between the meat and the meat, and can make the meat Color development, improve meat tenderness and water retention.
3. Vacuuming during the tumbling process helps to reduce the increase in meat temperature and the generation of bubbles due to friction. At the same time, the growth and remeation of microorganisms are inhibited, and the pickling effect and yield are improved.

4. Rolling and kneading meat under vacuum will reduce heat generation when the meat is rubbed or beaten. Meat will not be oxidized under vacuum, so the meat will not deteriorate during the tumbling process.

Chicken Feet Peeling Machine

chicken paw skin removing machine

Chicken Feet Peeling Machine Presentation

The chicken feet peeling machine is used to remove the yellow skin and nails of the raw chicken feet completely without any damage. As one of the most convenient chicken feet peeling machinery, it is suitable for chicken processing plants, hotels, restaurants, etc.Chicken Paw Skin Remover


Chicken Feet Peeling Machine Operation

The raw chicken feet should be soaked in hot water (65 degrees) about 3-5 minutes beforehand, then put them in the peeling machine to process, so that the skin and nail can be removed totally. And there is a tap on the machine to connect with the water to wash away the removed skin and nails.

chicken feet skin peeling process and peeled chicken paws

Chicken Feet Peeling Machine Features

1. It is made of stainless steel, conforming to health standards; easy to clean.
2.Simple operation; thorough peeling; no damaging chicken feet; high volume of production.
3.High efficiency, saving a lot of labor cost.
4. Removing the chicken feet skin as well as nails.

What Do You Know about Chicken Feet

1.Nutritive value: rich in calcium and collagen
2.Benefits for eating: soften and protect the vessel; reduce the blood fat and cholesterol; enhance the skin tension; eliminate the wrinkle.
3.Suitable for: the emaciated, the weak, the anemic, the physically deficient, etc.

Meat Block shredding Machine

frozen block meat cutter

frozen block meat cutter

Frozen meat dicer is an ideal instrument for dicing any kinds of frozen & slightly/semi-frozen meat with/without bones.

Kingston Frozen Meat Dicer Model KS-2000

KS-2000 is the most versatile model, with a dimension of 1500mm x 720mm x 1400mm.
It is capable of handling large frozen meat blocks & producing diced cubes, enabling an hourly throughput of up to 5 tons, the finished meat dices for further processing.
The outstanding benefit of Kingston KS-2000 model lies in simple operation, high productivity, uniform product shapes & sizes, and continuous processing of standard blocks. It is truly an industrial frozen block meat dicing machine.

frozen block meat dicing machine

Dimensions1500*720*1400 mm

It is part of Kingston range of meat processing equipment for industrial use.
◆ It is made of stainless steel, compact in structure.
The whole machine, including its cutting blade, casing, is made of food grade stainless steel. Its sturdy and reasonable structure design can bear heavy loading, being an essential & professional frozen meat dicer for food processing industry.

◆ Wide application
The beautiful dicing machine is suitable for raw meat, cooked meat, fresh meat, frozen meat, quick frozen meat & semi-frozen meat processing plants. It is the best dicer machine to dice meat (beef, pork, cow), fish, poultry (chicken, duck) into cubes. It is mainly used in specialized butcher shops, frozen meat processing factory, school hall, large shopping centers, commercial kitchen, supermarket, large restaurant etc.

◆ Adjustable dice size
The dicing head of Kingston frozen meat dicing machine can be disassembled and installed to produce specific & precise dice size at high dicing efficiency. No matter what diameter of finished cubes you need, you can always find the best suitable model at Kingston Machinery.

frozen meat dicing machine

Sausage Stuffer

sausage stuffing machine

sausage stuffing machine

Sausage Stuffing Machine,Delicious Sausage Maker

We know sausage is favored by so many people around the world, and people are looking for quality sausage machine so they can enjoy more delicious sausages, which is why kingston offers the best sausage stuffer available.

This sausage stuffing machine is a pneumatic driven type adopting the photoelectric control principle, allowing continuously performance and uniform filling result. It is also called as “pneumatic quantitative sausage filler”, Used for filling sausage casing of all kinds and sizes with ease.

Kinston Automatic Sausage Stuffer Machine, Your Best Choice

It is a 150kg weight automatic filling machine, mainly used for commercial sausage making session.
As a pneumatic driven stuffer, it distributes the meat evenly throughout, and streamlines the filling process for the operator. The professional sausage stuffing machine is entirely constructed with stainless steel, enabling to withstand high work cycles.

It is an easy-to-operate vertical model, friendly for anyone who’s newer to sausage making whilst available for commercial use. With Kingston sausage fillers, it’s super quick and easy for operators to fill their sausage creations.

Maybe you are interested in Bowl Chopper Machine for sausage making.

automatic commercial sausage stuffer

Filling tube diameter12mm/15mm/25mm

sausage filling machine

Top Picks of Kingston Sausage Stuffer

◆ Adjustable Speed
The stuffing machine is equipped with stop and start commands. The operator can control and adjust the outfeed speed at any time. To a great extent, it ensures the precision operation. That’s the main reason why we recommend this model for our customers. It is regarded as the best sausage filling system ideal for industrial use.

◆ Wide Applications
The sausage filling machine is perfect for both small and medium-scale processing plant. It can be widely used for sausage production lines, meat processing plants, pork processing centers, butcher’s shop, supermarkets etc.

◆ Various Stuffing Tubes Available for filling sausage casings
All of Kingston sausage filling machines are manufactured with different sizes of stuffing tubes here. The operator can choose the right filling tube size according to the thickness of the sausage.

sausage filling machines for sale

How to Stuff the Sausage?

It’s very easy to use Kingston stuffing machine to fill sausage.

1.Loading your sausage stuffer
Seasoning the minced meat beforehand for further stuffing. And then fill the meat chamber. During the fill process, please make sure to minimize the air bubbles getting into your sausage. The fewer, the better.

2. Casing
After stuffing the reservoir of the filling machine, the operator need to attach sausage casing to the stuffing tube. All types of casings can be used here: natural casing, collagen casings & artificial casings (fibrous, or plastic).

3. Stuffing the sausage casing
Hold the casing firmly in place, then press the button and begin to pour the minced meat into the casing.

sausage filling machine

For more information on other meat machines, please click the link or mail to [email protected] to let us know your specific requirements.

Kingston, as the best supplier of sausage stuffer machine, is dedicated to manufacturing top quality sausage making machines for worldwide customers. We’re here to answer any meat-processing-related questions you may have, so don’t hesitate to mail us about any concerns you may have.
Contact Email: [email protected]

Bone Sawing Machine

bone and meat cutting machine for sale

It’s painfully difficult to cut large solid blocks of frozen meat and bones without using bandsaw machine. That’s why Kinston manufacture BB series bone saw machine.
For meat processors, a quality bone saw machine will help them cut the hard frozen meat in the quickest time possible.

Kingston Bone Saw Machine, its Brief Introduction

The bone saw machine is a rugged cutter that breaks up hard, frozen meat blocks in a short time. Its heavy duty design is suitable for industrial use.
As an innovative food processing equipment, bone saw machine sells very well in Malaysia, Pakistan, Kenya, Philippine, India, Dubai and many other countries.
The top buyers are
◆ catering kitchens and butcher shops, deli
◆ western-style stores,
◆ food/meat processing factories/establishments,
◆ small, medium to large restaurants, hotels, guesthouse,
◆ retailer for meat, bone, and poultry
And more.

bone cutter machine
ModelPassing size(H*W)DimensionTable sizePowerWeightVoltageElectric
BB250225*195 mm480*590*920 mm390*500 mm0.75 Kw4Kg220V/380Vsingle/3 phase
BB1650225*195 mm450*400*890 mm365*380 mm0.75 Kw37.Kg220Vsingle phase
BB2000310*230 mm710*730*980 mm650*610 mm1.5 Kw78 Kg380V3 phase
BB310310*230 mm710*730*1565 mm630*660 mm1.5 Kw110 Kg380V3 phase
BB240350*290 mm700*720*1700 mm700*720 mm2.2 Kw135 Kg380V3 phase
BB400335*335 mm710*730*980 mm820*910 mm1.5 Kw132Kg380V3 phase
BB500410*430 mm

2000*1100*910 mm

1100*910 mm3 Kw250Kg380V3 phase

Wide Usage and Important Role of Bone Saw Machine in Meat Processing

As a multifunctional machine, it is suitable for easily cutting both fresh and frozen meat, chilled meat, bones, fishes, etc.
There are 7 bone saw machine models for sale at Kingston now — models vary, saw size vary. Each of them has its own benefits and features:
Dimension: small, medium, to large size for different customers to choose from.
Weight: the mini bone saw model is 4 kg, best for home use, or small restaurants etc.
Table Size: the largest model is with a size of 1100*910 mm, perfect for commercial use.
Voltage: 220V single phase; or 380V 3 phase available.

meat bone cutting machine application

Outstanding Features

◆ Easy-to-use
The frozen meat and bone saw machine is easy for first-time buyers to operation. It is with high efficiency and adjustable thickness. The saw machine is with space adjusting board, more user friendly.

◆ Wide application
The good-looking bone saw machines are widely used in meat processing industry, for cutting bones and frozen food into small pieces. It is the best alternative for food retailers and collective dining facilities.

◆ Fully made of stainless steel
It’s easy for the operators to clean the working table because of stainless steel construction. The compact design prevents the trembling of saw blade while operating.

Working Video of Bone Saw Machine

Commercial Meat Grinder

industrial meat grinder

industrial meat grinder

A wide range of equipment are used in food processing industry. Meat chopper or meat grinder, as one of the most essential meat machine, must strictly meet food safety regulations to meet the rising demand for quality meat products.

Meat Grinder is the perfect professional machine to convert large chunks of raw meat into tender minced meat.

Brief Introduction on KingSton Commercial Meat Grinder

It is a technologically advanced enterprise meat grinding equipment, perfectly fulfilling consumer expectations with
its top quality — stainless steel construction and best grinding plates installation, the size of which can be tailored according to different customers’ mincing requirements and the sizes of meat granule,
multifunctional usage — for both deep-frozen and fresh raw meat grinding,
professional chopping features — constructed with two industrial screw conveyors: feeding & discharging screw conveyor, both powered by electric motor, function with different working speeds, thus ensuring best professional grinding effects.

meat grinding equipment

It is dedicated designed for ranches, butcher shop, sausage makers, kitchen chef, restaurants and other meat processing plants/factories/shops. The meat grinder is definitely an inexpensive investment, and can be used for any preparation of dishes that require ground beef, chicken or pork.

Capacity200-500 kg/h0.5-1 T/H1-1.5 T/H
Plate Diameter(mm)100120130
Hole size(mm)Q3-Q18Q4-Q18Q3-Q18

Buy Multifunctional Meat Grinder Online at Kingston

We are the most reliable manufacturer & supplier of the most powerful assortment of commercial grade meat processing machines. The precision made meat grinder are multifunctional used to mince deep frozen or fresh raw boneless meat, for sausages and other meat products like meat balls, meat loaf, hamburgers etc.
It can be used to mince pork, beef, fish, lamn, chicken, deer, cow meat, etc. The industrial meat grinder can be also used to chop fruit and vegetables.
In sausage processing plant, it is usually installed ahead of meat mixer and sausage stuffing machine.

meat mincer

Top Picks, Top 2 Reasons Why You should Buy Kingston Meat Grinders

◆ Time Saving, Large Grinding Capacity
As an electrically belt driven meat chopper machine, it is with big feeding inlet, commercially used for large capacity meat grinding. To a great extent, it saves time and energy. The great efficiency makes the grinder able to finish a large amount meat mincing in a very short time.

◆ Ensuring Safe Operator Use
The automatic meat grinders are specially equipped with emergency stop button. Do what we can do, the protecting device promise the safety of the operator.
Besides that, Kingston will provide all our customers with maintenance and repair technical support, which contributes significantly to the safety of the operator.
The electric meat grinder has earned great popularity in countries like Canada, UK, Malaysia, India, Philippine, Qatar, Bangladesh etc.

best commercial meat grinders

Vacuum Marinating Machine

Vacuum Marinating Machine

Vacuum Marinated Machine Introduction

The marinated machine can be used to process brine soaked meat and is necessary for meat processing plants, supermarkets, meat shops, and fast food outlets. We have two kinds of marinated machines: common marinated machine and vacuum marinated machine. It uses a mechanical roll barrel principle to make the meat rub each other in the barrel to make the marinade immerge into the meat. It is easy to operate and clean.

vacuum marinator

Net weight35Kg40Kg
Dimension900*660*910 mm900*660*910 mm
ApplicationMarinated meat and vegetablesMarinated meat and vegetables with high speed

Vacuum Marinated Machine Application 

It applies to different meat processing factories and fast food chains. The aircraft is also applicable to all types of poultry products, split poultry products, chunks of meat products, and ham raw meat marinated. Vacuum marinated machine is suitable for food before cooking or frying food tasty, and other seasonings fill items. It can help the meat keep tender and taste well. Static marinated can maintain the shape and improve the appearance and the color of the fruit and vegetable chips.

vacuum tumbler application

Marinated Machine Features 

–Stainless steel circular, beautiful appearance, timing function.
–Fashionable to drive unique, reasonable structure, convenient operation, small size, pleasing in appearance, uniform speed, large output.
–Large capacity, good sealing, fast curing (15 minutes), power and other characteristics.
–It can be cured a variety of meat and other foods, preserved foods that are not deformed.

meat marinating machine detailed parts show

Some General Rules for Marinating

1. Always marinate in the refrigerator. Never leave the meat on the counter. Believe that, it makes a difference.
2. Never marinate different meats together. Different meats have different cooking times.
3. Never marinate in aluminum foil. A chemical reaction takes place and your meat will taste horrible. A glass, porcelain, or plastic container works best.
4. Poultry and cubed/stew meat can be marinated up to 2 days; beef, veal, pork, and lamb roasts, chops, and steaks may be marinated up to 5 days.
5. If you plan on using some of the marinade for basting while on the grill, make sure you thoroughly heat the marinade before the meat leaves the grill.

Most Marinades Include Three Key Components

• First, an acidic ingredient, such as vinegar, wine, tomatoes, yogurt, or citrus juice. The acid agent makes meat easier to digest, helps slow the growth of harmful bacteria, and allows moisture and flavor to permeate the meat.
• Next, an agent that adds sweet, spicy, or salty notes. Good options include Dijon mustard, soy sauce, honey, chopped chili peppers, or other vegetable or fruit purees.
• Finally, an accent of dried spices or fresh ginger, garlic, or herbs.

Bowl Cutter

industrial bowl chopper

In food processing industry, size reduction of meat, fruit, vegetable and other food products can be a critical operation. Bowl chopper, also called as bowl cutter, is most commonly used to chop & blend delicious sausage recipe. In the past few years, it has earned great popularity in European markets, and being one of the top selling size reduction equipment in UK.

stainless steel meat bowl cutter

Introduction of Kingston Bowl Chopper

It is equipped with extra thick cast stainless steel bowl, uploading scraper, chute, and high-speed cutting knives which can chop the raw meat into more workable size and then blend the minced meat with other accessories into meat stuffing simultaneously.
The bowl cutter is made entirely of quality stainless steel. It is often utilized in ways of different products production like meatball, hot dog, hamburger, bologna, and sausage. Bowl chopper makes it possible for sausage makers to process stuffing. Therefore, it is regarded as the most versatile meat cutter and mixer machine.

Find more details on sausage stuffing machine here. Contact email [email protected]

Capacity125 L/198lb80L/132lb40L/66lb20L/33lb

Features of Bowl Chopper Machine

◆ It is an industrial meat cutter mixer
Featured by higher yields and better quality, the bowl cutter machine shows how versatile it truly is to the meat processing industry. It is suitable for industrial applications where commercial scale meat processing is required.
The brand new bowl chopper capacities range from 20-125L. KS-ZB125 is the largest model available with timing device, product loaders & automatic unloaders.

◆ Competitive pricing
The growing consumer demand to buy affordable machines with higher quality & efficiency makes Kingston bowl chopper an optimization. No matter what model you are looking for, there is always an affordable cutter here waiting for you. All Kingston Machines comply with EC regulations.

meat bowl chopper application

◆ Chopping & Emulsifying functions
Besides cutting the raw food into minced one, its variable speed and upgraded independent motors make the bowl chopper enabling to also emulsify the product as well. Emulsified products can be further processed in meat processing equipment like stuffer machine.
Equipped with stainless steel cutting blades and bowl, the speed of the cutter can be adjusted to provide the exact treatment required by each product.

◆ Easy to use, wide application
The most user-friendly design of Kingston bowl cutter is its press-button operation which makes the equipment easy to use for the operators. It is widely applied in sausage making factory, food processing plants and other catering industry. Besides for meat cutting, it can be used also for chopping & mixing of grains, fruit, vegetable, etc.

Working Video of Meat Bowl Chopper

Frozen Meat Block Flaker

frozen meat flaker for sale

frozen meat flaker for sale

What Kind of Meat Flaker does Kingston Machinery Provide?

Transforming Frozen Meat into Flaked Products
Kingston provides first-class industrial frozen blocks flaker machine.
It is a preferred meat processing equipment for customers in frozen food industry. Kingston frozen meat flaker help enterprises save much slicing time when they flake large volume frozen blocks of meat, poultry (chicken), fish, or other foods.
The flaker is regarded as a meat pretreatment machine which can slice frozen meat directly for further processing — meat grinder or bowl chopper.

Technical Features of Kingston Frozen Block Flakers

frozen meat slicer

The thickness of the meat2-10mm (adjustable)


◆ Stainless steel construction with hygienic design.
The whole flaker is made of high quality stainless steel, perfecting meeting the hygienic standard. To a great extent, it reduces vibration.

◆ Convenient operation.
The frozen meat flaker enables to cut the blocks into small pieces directly, no need of defrosting during the flaking process. Seeing from its outlook, we will also know that it’s a versatile frozen meat block flaker with easy operation. Besides that, the flaker is rationally designed to avoid the pollution of raw material during flaking process.

frozen meat flaker machine

◆ A robust machine with highest quality blade.
The superior alloy steel blade of Kingston frozen meat flaker machine ensures a long lasting service life (built to last), mean that on the one hand, it ensures a reliable slicing effect; on the other hand, it saves a large sum of procurement cost for enterprises in meat processing industry.

◆ For sausages, beefsteak flaking
The frozen block flaker is used extensively in high production meat processing facilities worldwide for large volume slicing of sausages, poultry, beefsteak and so on. The thickness of the flaked meat can be adjusted between 2mm and 10mm.

To obtain further details on Kingston frozen meat block flaker, please feel free to email us at [email protected]

Working Video of Frozen Meat Flaker