Automatic double twisting candy enveloping machine

Brief introduction of toffe enveloping machine:

  1. This machine is equipped device of candy-setting plate for materials-entering, and it could be used for single and double layers of wrapping paper.
  2. It is 100% packing rate, no empty package, and automatically followed by photo electricity of computer, and adjusted by frequency-changing device for speed.
  3. Packingmaterial:

cellophane/pvc/polypropylene/waxed paper/composite materials, etc.

  1. Shape of candies: ellipse (oval), cylindrical, square, spherical and round slice.



Technical parameters of candy wrapping machine:

  Packing speed200-600pcs/min(depends on product)
  Candy size L 12-32mm; W 12-26mm; H 6-20mm
Total power2.5 KW
Power supply3 Ph. 380V, 50/60Hz
Machine sizeL2000 × W1100 × H1800mm
Net weight1080kg


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Water sachet machine

Water sachet machine/liquid packing machine/liquid bagging machine/water filling and sealing machine

Main features:

Automatic measuring, filling, counting, stable function, easy adjusting, fix qty adjustable, date printing need equipped with printer

Applicable scope:

Liquid and thickness liquid, sauce filling packing

Main performance:

Able to automatically complete discontinuous running of measure,filling,counting and printing(it is necessary to separately configure coder),performance is stable, adjustment is convenient,and ration is adjustable.

Range of application:

This machine is applicable to automatic filling and packing of liquid and dope.


Technical Figures:

Size of Bag(mm)L40-280 W20-150
Range of Measurment(ml)300-1000
Packing Speed(bag/min)25-50
Power (kw)1.5


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Metal detector

Metal detector:

The basic function of metal detector is to detect whether in the nonmetallic medium includes the metal impurities. The metal impurities existence directly will affect the product quality or possibly directly affects the important production equipment security. If food includes the metal impurities, it possibly directly will endanger the personal safety or the health.

The metal detector involves 4 series: H, L, P, T. It Is suitable to food, the medicines, the chemical industry, the plastic, the chemical fiber, mining and each kind of different application.

Characteristic of metal inspector:

  1. Examinations sensitivities are high

We can achieve highest sensitivity of Fe: 0.6mm. The sensitivity is the best sensitivity when we lay aside the examination ball in the surface of conveyer belt. The actual examination sensitivity is decided by detected production and the field work environment.

  1. Adaptation scopes are broad

The metal detector may adapt in high temperature, the low temperature working conditions. In the quite bad working conditions, it similarly has the splendid sensitivity performance.

  1. Adjustment of examinations parameters is convenient

The adjustment of examination parameter to the metal detector is convenient and direct-viewing. The uniformity and the stability of examination parameter are very good. In view of the same examination product, the examination parameter does not change along with time.

  1. Waterproof dustproof performance are good

According to the order, it can meet the IP-65 waterproofing requirements.

Structures of metal locator:


1: detect head

2: Instrument box

3: Power and controller box

4: Frame

5: Switch

6: Oriented bar

7: Shock absorber

8: Conveyor belt

9: Conveyor adjust bolt

10: Sustainer

11: Wheel

12: Conveyor belt support wheel

13: Motor

14: Panel

15: Product effect adjust knob

16: Sensitivity adjust knob for channel 1

17: Sensitivity adjust knob for channel 2

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Plastic cup filling and sealing machine

Plastic cup filling and sealing machine:

I: Features of jelly cup filling machine

  1. Steps: feeding cups–filling chunks–filling juice–sealing–conveying final product
  2. Full stainless steel 304 food grade
  3. Aluminum plate part: module aluminum plate four hole aluminum alloy acidproof aluminum mold
  4. Transmission system: motor, reducer, CAM divider, template, etc.  Intermittent transmission device, pneumatic control element, intelligent digital temperature control system.  Precision CAM divider step clearance operation, high performance reducer;  Smooth transmission, low impact force, accurate position.
  5. Drop cup system: adopt pneumatic mechanical control cup fall into aluminum plate.

Sealing system: copper perm

  1. Sealing system: adopt constant temperature (intelligent temperature control single control) hot pressing sealing, sealing pressure is adjustable.
  2. Cup out system: Drop the cup out of the cup
  3. Packaging material can be PP, PE, PET.etc, available for various shapes of box or cups filling and sealing


II: Specification of fruit jam packing machine

Type: automatic

Stype: 8 hole(double row)

Voltage:3phase 380V/50HZ (or customized as request)


Temperature:0-400℃ (adjustable)


Capacity:≥5000-6000 cups/hour

Speed:4-5 seconds




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Vertical vacuum packing machine

  1. Features of Aluminium foil vacune packing 15 kg machine:
  2. Fully functional, suitable for various different requirements of packaging, can be used for a single sealing process, can be used for vacuum packaging, can also be used for vacuum filling inert gas packaging.
  3. Adopt automatic program control, pumping, air (optional), sealing, cooling and other processes to complete at one time.

3, Adopt no chamber double air nozzle mechanism, exhaust (inflatable) nozzle after the completion of the work process, that is, automatically exit from the bag, sealing performance is good, advance and retreat speed is adjustable, high efficiency.

4, The pumping time and heat sealing time can be adjusted, suitable for all kinds of film and composite film sealing.

  1. Main technical parameters of Aluminium foil vacune packing machine:

Power supply: 220/380V/AC 50Hz

Motor: 0.95KW Heating power: 900W

Vacuum pump exhaust capacity: 20m³ / h

Limit vacuum degree: -0.08MPa

Air pressure: 0.5MP(5Kg/cm²)

Maximum sealing length: 600mm (can be increased to LOOOMM on request)

Maximum height of vertical packing: 200-900mm

Dimensions: 700×735×1800(mm) (Note: Other models shall be subject to the material object)


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A4 paper cutting and packaging machine

Computer high speed cross cutting machine

Features and performances:

This machine is suitable for cutting all kinds of paper, self-adhesive, paper-plastic compound, non-woven and other large drum packaging materials.  This machine adopts servo motor to control constant length cutting.  Drive system adopts pneumatic, photoelectric sensor and other centralized control, the machine integrates light, electricity and gas, easy operation, high cutting precision, mechanical stability, low noise advantages.  (Pneumatic feeding optional) Motor frequency control, automatic counting, alarm stop, magnetic powder taper automatically adjust tension function.  It is the ideal equipment for high quality large coil cutting


Features of A4 paper cutting and packaging machine

  1. Host frequency control, Panasonic PLC touch screen control system, automatic counting, automatic length, alarm parking, automatic control and other functions
  2. The frame adopts 16mm steel plate structure, the crosscutting tool holder adopts casting heavy structure, and the guide roller adopts dynamic balance treatment aluminum alloy guide roller
  3. Drive positioning traction adopts servo system drive shaft structure, feeding traction mode is motor driven sprocket drive traction rubber shaft.
  4. This machine is the ideal online crosscutting equipment, with high precision, fast speed
Max diameter1400mm
Max width1100mm
Cutting length297mm
Cutting speed20-150times/min
Dimensions (L×W×H)9200×2210×2000mm

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UV sterilizer machine

Specifications of UV sterilizer machine/UV sterilizing machine/UV sterilizing tunnel/pasterizer:

Material: stainless steel

length: 2000mm

UV area: 1000mm

Inlet: 400mm

outlet: 400mm

entrence/exit: 200mm/adjustable

entrence/exit width: 500mm

UV light length: 600mm

UV light: 16pcs*20W

power: 1.5kw

switch: 15A

net belt: 0-5m/min

transit motor: 800W

speed regulator: 500W

Vol: 220v/50Z


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Preservation box packaging machine

  1. Features and introduction: 

1、It is available for kinds of food trays packaging, continuously automatic finish vacuum pump, automatic mixing retain fresh gas(CO2、N2、O2)gas filling, sealing and packaging, slitting, final products discharging, etc steps

2、It is available for different kinds of films and trays sealing and packaging, complex film, monofilm, PP, co-extruded poly, etc

3、PLC control system, touch screen, realize human-computer interface and dialogue, PLC system set and amend each action and parameters, easy controlling and reliable, accurate and flexible, low failure rate

4、Made of food grade stainless steel 304 material, easy cleaning

5、All parameters such as sealing pressure, temperature and time, etc, could be controlled accurately

6、Photoelectric tracking film image, ensure package printing image complete and no fault

7、Shape of mold could be customized as per customers shape tray or styles

8、Whole machine us famous electronic components, quality reliable, design as per CE standard, safe running and function

9、Tray size 220*130mm, each time sealing 2 box, capacity 260-400 box per hour


  1. Major components:

1、Whole machine made of food grade SUS304

2、PLC system is famous brand Omron

3、Pneumatic elements are YADEKE brand Taiwan


  1. Technical parameters:
    Box size (mm)Customized mold as per shape of box trays
    Film max size (mm)300
    Film max diameter (mm)300
    Electric voltage220 V/ 50HZ
    Pressure (map)0.6-0.8
    Gas accuracy≥99%
    Weight (kg)320
    Dimensions (mm)920×590×1720

  2. Food box packaging machine, food trays packing machine, cling film packaging machine, crisper box packaging machine, automatic fresh-box wrapper, box wrapper

Automatic packaging machine

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Automatic electronic weighing and packing machine, Full-automatic packaging machine, nuts packing machine, automatic potato chips packing machine

1. HDP Series host machine  2. Weigher with 10 head combination  3. Z type product conveyor
4. Vibration feeder  5. Support platform  6. Finished product conveyor   7. Date printer

Main features
1. Finish the function of conveying, metering, filling, bag making, printing, finished product conveying, can also change into open-close metering device according to different materials.
2. Precise metering, high efficiency, no broken material.
3. New design, beautiful appearance, reasonable structure, advanced technology.
4. Imported PLC computer control system, color touch screen, operation is convenient, intuitive and efficiency. 5. With imported servo film transporting system and mark sensor, accurate positioning, perfect packaging.
6. With various auto warning protection function, minimize loss.
7. Various kinds of bag, it could provide the pillow bag, angle fold bag, hang hole bag, link bag, Etc.
8.Suit for laminated film.

Optional equipment
Double tension membrane mechanism, Automatic correction mechanism, punching device, link bag device.
Suit for the packing of all the granule products and puffed food such as rice,biscuit, rice crust, jelly, candy, all kinds of beans,pistachio nut, apple flake, dumpling, rice dumpling, chocolate, hardware and medicine etc.

Packing form:

Collar type back side seal automatic packing machine

1、HDP-420A Bake side seal packing machine:


Main feature:

  • Import PLC computer control system, human-machine screen, easy touch screen operation.
  • With imported servo film transporting system and mark sensor, accurate positioning, perfect pack
  • Perfect automatic alarm function, to minimize the loss.
  • Combine with metering device, it can finish the process of metering, feeding, filling, bag making, printing.
  • Bag type: can make it with pillowbag and vertical bag according to customer needs.

Technical parameters:

Model No.HDP-420A
Film widthMax.420mm
Bag length80-300mm
Bag width60-200mm
Film roll diameterMax.320mm
Packing speed5-60bag/min
Range of measurement150-1500ml
Film thickness0.04-0.08mm
Power220V 50/60Hz 2.2KW


2、AC-10 Weigher with 10 head combination

* Application: Suit for the quantitative weighing of puffed food, biscuit, rice crust, jelly, candy, pistachio nut, apple flake, dumpling, rice dumpling, chocolate, hardware and medicine such particle, platy, strip and  irregular shape.

*Perfect match of high precision and high speed, select the best combination instantly from abundant weight combination through computer counting.

* High precision digital weighing sensor make sure accurate measurement.

* Chinese/English and other various language LCD screen operation system.

* IP65 waterproof and dustproof design. All parts are stainless steel, clean and health.      Fully closed design can avoid the stack of product, and easy to clean

* Can adjust the opening and closing speed of hopper door according the the measuring products. Prevent the product from breakage and getting stuck.

* Automatic data statistics function, recording the total bags of each batch production, acceptability and single bag error.

* Option device: decorative pattern weighing hopper, collecting hopper, printing device.

* High compatibility, can install directly above the packing machine, structure is more compact.

* Save the material and worker costs,investment quick return.

* N/W:300Kg ;G/W:370Kg

* Voltage:220V ;Power:1500W;Frequency: 50/60HZ;Rated current: 9A

* Out packing dimension(mm):1400(L)×1130(W)×1120(H)

 Technical parameters: 

Single weighing range10-1000gram
Max. weighing quality3000gram
Single average error 0.2-0.5g
Weighing precision range 0.1-1.5g
Max. weighing speed70bag/min
Hopper capacity1300ml
Drive modestepping motor
Product seting quantity 99 kinds
Machine dimension(mm)1150(L)X950(W)X1129(H)


3、Product conveyor



This machine is suitable for vertical hoisting food stuff, food, feed and chemicals such granule products. Hoister is driven by hopper hoist through the transmission of chain. Used in the vertical convey of grain and small blocky product. Have the advantage of hoist capacity and high hoist degree.

Technical parameters:

Hoisting height: 2.9m

Hoisting speed: 0-17m/min  Hoisting volume: 5.5 cubic meter/m

Total power:550w


Specification: Can customize the different materials according to customers needs, Carbon steel plastic spraying or stainless steel, touching products’ parts are food-grade plastic.



1.All the wheel gear are overstriking, Smooth operation and low noise.

2.Chain is overstriking, make the operation more stable.

3.Convey hopper with half buckle type,will not lose the material and hopper.

4.Totally enclosed, clean and health.


4、Vibration feed conveyor


With vibration mode to convey the material to the conveyor from material library.

Touching parts with 304 stainless steel, install stepless adjuster to adjust convey quantity.


Technical parameters:

Max. Convey capacity:2㎡/h;

Material library is for storing the packaging product, capacity:0.5m3

5、Finished product conveyor



Delivery speed:50m/min

Overall dimensions:   2110×400×600mm

Voltage: 220V/50W

Ton bagging machine

Application scope: mainly used for packing tons of cement bags on cement production line, can also be used in chemical industry, minerals, building materials, food, medicine, salt, chemical industry and other industries with good fluidity of powder or small particles of high precision quantitative filling!


1、type: ton bag

2、speed: 20~40bags/h

3、weighing range: 0.5~2.0m3

4、accuracy: ±0.5%

5、pressure: 0.5 ~ 0.8MPa,

6、air consumption:   0.6m³/min

7、cyclone air volume: 1500-3000 m³/h

8、voltage: 3phase/575v/60Hz

9、room temperature: -10℃~40℃



1、 feeding control device

2、 automatic measuring shelf

3、 regulate shelf

4、 automatic hoisting shelf

5、 automatic bag holding device

6、 cyclone collector

7、 conveying device

8、 control box

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