De-stemmed cherry machine

De-stemmed cherry machine






(Net weight):1t

Water requirement: sufficient


Function: Remove the stem of cherry


Applicable scope: canned food factory, fruit shop, fruit processing factory and etc


Performance characteristics:

  1. The appearance and frame of the equipment are made of 304 stainless steel. The transmission part, bearing, reducer, motor and so on are made of carbon steel.

2, the unique removal process, in the premise of not destroying the flesh, will be separated from the cherry, and the removal rate of more than 90%.

  1. Not only can the cherry be separated from the cherry fruit. In addition, the cherry can be separated from the cherry fruit in different silos, which not only improves work efficiency and reduces labor costs, but also works reliably with novel results.

4, to make the machine brush made of special materials, do not lose hair, do not destroy the cherry skin.

  1. The plastic strip is a silicone strip.

6, one year warranty, lifelong maintenance

Banana peeling machine

Features of Kingston Banana Peeling machine

▼ This banana peeler is made of high-carbon chromium stainless steel with high strength and hardness, ensuring food production hygiene. And its blade is sharp and not easy to deform.
Ripe banana peeling machine uses a mechnical hand to tear off banana skin, with good peeling quality, fresh soft surface, product thickness and uniform. And it brings no damage for fibrous structure.
▼ Considering the diversity of customers’ raw materials, we can provide banana peeler machine with unique customized services, like customizing the height and diameter of the inlet for customers.
▼ The mechanical transmission of high power brings long lifespan for the machine, and with low noise when running well.
Plantain peeler machine supports continuous production, and its discharge port can be linked to subsequent processing equipment, which is convenient, practical and efficient.

Tamarind pulp extraction machine

Tamarind pulp extraction machine/extracting the pandanus pulp/tamarind pulper/Banana juice machine

Palm dates pulping machine/dates deseeder/dates deseeding/dates pulp machine:

Availability: dates, palm dates, tamarind, plum, prune, etc

1、peel,core, seeds, pulp automatic separating

2、can work alone and connect in full line

3、made of stainless steel

Principle of Tamarind pulping machine:

motor running through belt,make the rotor high speed rotating,fruits enter machine,vane push forward to pulping stic,then crushed,as centrifugal force,pulp go through sieve holes and coming out from outlet,core and peel dischared to another outlet,finally separated puree pure and clean,first removing the core,then removing peel and get final pulp


1、install flat,fasten the ground bolts

2、fasten each bolt,check if loosen,clean inside and outside, keep clean

3、connect power,confirm the rotate direction correct

4、trial running 5 minutes, confirm ok, then normal production

5、feeding input gradually,no force,check quality after stop,regulate angel and sieve gap well

6、when stop, power off directly is ok,when rotor not stop running, don’t open the cover

7、when each batch production over,clean the sieve,open the front cover, take off the bolt,take apart the rotor and sieve, cleaning by water and brush is ok

8、must check if over heating occassionaly

9、check the rotating belt is old or broken, change new one on time

10、check the belt if too fasten or too loose,can turn around by hand, always 90o is best,regulate the bolt to adjust

11、bearing normal temperature below 75℃,lubrucating occassionally,prolong the life of bearing

Specificaion of Tamarind deseeding machine:

Size: 900*450*1100㎜
Capacity: 500kg/hr



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Beet peeling machine

Features and characteristics of sugarbeet peeler/Multi fruit peeler 

patent protection, 304 stainless steel, famous Omron brand PLC device and components

automatic adaption of fruits sizes, stable operation, peeling thickness adjustable as per requirements

available for beet apple, pear, peach, kiwi, lemon, persimmon, orange, citrus, avocado, etc

accessory of 10 blades

air consumption 0.4CBM/minute


Specifications of beetroot peeling machine/citrus peeling machine/apple peeler and cutter


Peeling thickness:1—3mm/adjustable

Fruit diameter:40-100mm

Fruit height:40-120mm

Power: 0.6kW(220V)

Material: SS 304




Nitrogen gas making machine

Nitrogen making machine/nitrogen machine/nitrogen gas setup/high purity nitrogen device/nitrogen generator/nitrogen line



volume: 0.7Nm3/min

pressure: 0.8Mpa

power: 5.5KW


air dryer(≤80℃)


capacity: 1.75Nm³/min

Outlet pressure dew point:1.7℃-8℃




nitrogen generator


Flow volume: ≥3Nm3/h



Dew point:≤-40℃

power:0.1 kw   temperature:≤ 40℃


storage tank


pressure:0.8 Mpa




weight:  95Kg

Onion Peeling Machine

onion processing line

Introduction on Kingston Onion Processing Line

Kingston Onion processing plant is a combination of onion tail & root cutting machine and onion skin peeling equipment. It is multi-functional, not only used to cut tails and roots of onion, but also to peel off the skin of onion.

onion processing line
With advanced design and high degree of automation, this onion peeler is ideal cutting equipment for onions, and it has been widely praised by customers at home and abroad once launched on the market. The onion peeling machine has no special requirements on the size, dryness, wetness and origin of onions. It can peel the skins and cut the roots at one time for onions in any state without any damage to the roots.

onion tail and root cutting machine

onion tail and root cutting machine


This onion peeling machine is made of stainless steel. The cutting thickness is uniform and adjustable. The onion root cutting machine from Kingston Machinery is well regarded for its high tensile strength and resistance to corrosion and strong durability. It can be used for peeling onion in restaurants, food processing industry, and fresh peeled onion production for market.

onion peeling machine

onion peeling machine

Features of Onion Peeler Machine

◆ Adopting the pneumatic principle and without the friction of blade and hardness, the integrity, freshness and zero-pollution of the processed onions can be ensured in the peeling process.
Kingston onion peeling machine has the advantages of drying, peeling automation, practicality, power saving, small volume, low processing cost but high production efficiency, easy maintenance and cleaning, and low failure rate.
◆ Equipped with automatic temperature control and material guide device, this onion cutting machine can automatically peel the skin of onion and cut the root of onion as well without any damage, which means the peeled onions can also be stored for many days.

onion root cutting and peeling machine
◆ The degree of peeling can be adjusted according to the clients’ requirements, in case of waste caused by excessive skin peeling.
◆ Installed with safety protection device, this onion peeling machine will not bring any person injury.
◆ Suitable for complete onion processing production line or single onion peeling working.

onion peeling machine

Applications of Kingston Onion Processing Machines

In a word, our onion peeling machine has novel and beautiful appearance, simple structure, safe and reliable operation, stable, no noise and high efficiency. Besides, the drying barrel of the equipment has a hot air circulation function, which can keep the onions dry even in humid climates. Our onion cutting machine has been applied for the peeling of round vegetables such as shallots and onions, suitable for the production and processing of starch factories, food factories, dehydrated vegetable factories, large canteens and restaurants.

Industrial mango Juicing machine

mango pulp machine

mango pulp machine

For the production of top quality mango puree and mango pulp, Choose Kingston Mango Juicing Machine/mango pulper/mango juicer

Introduction on Kingston Mango Pulp Processing Machine

It is specially designed for mango processors who are in great demands on large capacity mango juice production. The mango juice processing plant is with innovative design and mainly consisted of elevator and high efficiency mango pulp making equipment. Automatic, Time-saving, and Cost-effective mango puree making machine

Elevator in mango pulp processing line


It consists of motor, frame, roller, chain wheel, chain, and buckwet board. Available for horizontal conveying and hoisting conveying,lean angel not above 45°

—Notes when using Kingston mango elevating machine:
1.fasten each bolts
2.keep stable and no vibrating, keep clean
3.lubrication well occasionally
4.trial running 20 minutes, power off, check again, then normal running
5.keep clean after each batch process

—Parameters of mango peeler and juicer:
Net width: 400mm
Hoisting angle ≤ 45°
Loading capacity: 15kg/m
Speed: max 20m/min (adjustable)
Power: 0.75kw

mango puree machine

Cost effective Mango Pulping Machine, mango pulp extractor/Mango pulping process / production line.

It is made of stainless steel. Operators can install the mango puree machine in a complete processing line, or use it alone.
It can be used for not only mango puree refining, but tomato, kiwi, apple, pear, date, cherry, and other fruits. In large scale mango processing, Kingston mango pulp machine is a better alternative for peel, core and pulp automatic separating. it is mango skin and core separating machine, or mango skin and core removing machine


Notices: the mango juicer machine can also be used for tomato pulp making and processing. It is a multi-usage pulp machine for sale with ex-factory price.

Working Principle of Kingston Commercial Mango Puree Machine/tamarind pulp extraction

◆ Electric motor runs through belt, making the rotor rotating at high speed.
◆ Mango are delivered into the processing machine via elevator.
◆ Vans inside the mango pulp machine push forward and crush the mango meat into pump, as centrifugal force.
◆ Mango pump go through sieve holes and are discharged from the outlet.
◆ Mango peel and core will come out from the other discharging port. The core is removed first, and then removing peel to get final mango pulp. See more detailed information on mango peeler machine here.
The mango juicer machine can completely separate puree pure, clean and heath. mango destoning and depuling, separating the core and outer peel, get pulp

—Notes when using Kingston mango puree extract machine/ pulp machine for mangoes
1. Do install your mango pulp machine on flat ground.
2. Fasten the ground bolts and check if the bolts loosen.
3. Do confirm the rotate direction correctly when connecting power.
4. Kingston Food Machinery recommends that all brand-new mango pulp making machine should keep trial running for at least 5 minutes to confirm if everything is okay. If yes, then begin pulp processing production.
5. Feeding mango or other fruits gradually, do not force them when feeding.
6. Do remember regulate angel and sieve gap well to promise a steady operation of the mango puree machine.
7. Open the cover after the rotor stopping running.
8. When each batch production over, clean the sieve, open the front cover, take off the bolt, take apart the rotor and sieve, cleaning by water and brush is ok.
9. You need to check if over heating occasionally, to promise the whole mango pump production safe.

mango juicer machine
10. Check the belt if too fasten or too loose,can turn around by hand, always 90o is best,regulate the bolt to adjust.
11. Bearing normal temperature below 75℃,lubrucating occasionally,prolong the life of bearing.
12. Check the rotating belt is old or broken, change new one on time.

Video clip of Mango peeler and deseed machine:

Mushroom Slicer

Brief Introduction on Commercial Mushroom Slicer Machine

As a popular mushroom processing equipment, the slicer machine is specially designed to meet the increasing worldwide demands on high efficiency and multi-functional mushroom cutting machine.

mushroom slicing machine

Most widely used for: slicing of cremini mushroom and white button mushroom etc.

Function: it is used to uniformly cut edible mushroom into slices for further processing like drying and packaging for sale.

Raw material: it is made of food-grade stainless steel, corrosion resistance, hygienic welding, meeting the increasing demands on food safety.

Combination: the mushroom slicing machine can be used in combination with vegetable drying machine and packaging machine.

Application: the mushroom slicer machine can be used for not only industrial scale mushroom slicing (agaricus bisporus etc.), but also fresh kelp, other soft vegetable or fungus vegetable cutting.

sliced mushroom

How are Edible Mushroom sliced with Kingston Mushroom Cutter?

The edible mushroom are firstly washed by Kingston vegetable washing machine. then the cleaned mushroom are transported into the feed hopper of the slicing equipment for uniform cutting (uniform thickness and regular shape).
The mushroom slices size can be adjustable by changing the cutting knives as per requirements.

The application of mushroom slicing machine

Why Choose Button Mushroom Slicer Machine?

◆ Saving time and labor
The automatic mushroom slicer machine is an electric machine which can be used for large scale sliced mushroom production. One operator is enough to handle the whole slicing process. It saves mushroom processors’ time and labor cost.

◆ multiple benefits of sliced mushroom
Mushroom is with high nutritional value and health benefits. People can use mushroom whole, sliced or diced. As the most cultivated type of mushroom, white button mushroom is most commonly sliced into thick slices for further cooking.

◆ Quality assured
Kingston Machinery is a top food machines manufacturer with more than 20 years’ experience. All our vegetable machines are dedicated designed/produced with top quality. You can rest assured its working efficiency, service life and after-sale services.

Parameters of Mushroom Slicing Machine

Model: SQP-300

Material: stainless steel

Power: 380v/220v/1.1kw

Capacity: 300kg

Size: 970*700*1050mm

Weight: 130kg

Screw type juice extractor

fruit crushing juice machine

Crushed Juice Extractor Introduction

The crushed juice extractor is designed for extracting juice from fruits and vegetables such as apple, pear, cucumber, carrot, radish, celery, a large scale. Equipped with product crushing device, the crushed juice extractor can easily make fresh, nutritious fruit and vegetable juice.crushed juice extractor


Wide Application of Crushed Juice Extractor

It is mainly suitable for processing various berries, pome fruits and vegetables, etc. Composed with the spiral juicing machine, it is widely used for juicing apple, pear, carrot, aloe, and cactus, etc.

application of screw crushed juice making machine

Crushed Juice Extractor Features

1. Extremely powerful motors: 0.75KW breaker, 1.5KW spiral extractor.
2. Equipped with vegetable or fruit breaking device for quick extraction.
3. Large output with 0.1-0.5T/h.
4. Much more efficient and more than30% juice extracting rate than traditional models.

detailes show of Spiral crushed juicer machine

How to Maintain Crushed Juice Extractor

After each shift of working, we have to use clean water and brush to clean the filter screen and clear fruit marc by hand. If the fruit is those rich in fiber, wash the filter screen twice depending on the processing situation. When a complete juicing process is finished, you’d better clean the whole machine by hot water.
Remember: Proper maintenance can extend its working life.

Plantain Chips Processing Line

Plantain Chips Processing Line

Plantain Chips Processing Line

Brief Introduction on Kingston Plantain Chips Production Line

Plantain chips processing line designed by our company can offer a series of professional equipment and manufacturing technique to retain the nutrients of the banana chips for a long time, preventing the loss or damage of the nutrients of the banana chips to a greater extent, and improving the storage performance of the banana chips.

In the face of the abundant banana resources, deep processing and comprehensive utilization are very necessary. Therefore, plantain chips production line follows the development of the times because it can achieve “leapfrog” value-added, reduce post-harvest loss of bananas, increase farmers’ income, and increase the competitiveness of the banana industry. At the same time, Kingston Machinery can provide banana chips production line with various capacities so as to meet the different needs of consumers, for example, 100/150/200/300 kilogram per hour.


Working Process of Plantain Chips Production Line

A complete commercial banana chips processing plant mainly includes the following machines: banana chips slicer machine, elevator, fruit washing machine, dewatering machine, frying machine, de-oiling machine, seasoning machine and automatic packaging machine etc.
The production process of banana chips mainly includes the following steps:
Raw material selection: The plantain used to make banana chips should be fully mature, free from pests and rot.
Peeling and slicing: peel the bananas and cut them into 5mm-10mm thick slices. Here, we recommend the professional commercial banana slicer to cut bananas on a large scale. Besides, this banana chips slicer is flexible for operators to adjust the thickness of slicing.

banana chips cutter machine
Seasoning: According to the ratio of 10 parts banana, 1 part milk powder and 5 parts water, banana chips seasoning machine can help to mix the milk powder with water, pour it into the banana slices, and stir thoroughly so that all the banana slices can stick to the milk powder.
Frying: After baking the banana slices, put them in 130~150℃ vegetarian oil and fry them until brown, and they will be crispy and fragrant “banana chips” when they are out of the pan. Kingston industrial food frying machine adopts oil-water mixing technology, so the sediment can be cleaned easily.
De-oiling: Plantain Chips de-oiling machine can reduce the oil content and make them tastier.

plantain chips deoiling machineGraded packaging: Here, we provide the automatic chips packing machine to pack plantain/banana chips in bags for graded packaging according to color and size. Moreover, it automatically completes all the process from feeding, counting, filling and bag making, date printing to finished products output.


Advantages of Banana Chips Production Line

Made of 304 stainless steel, our banana chips production line is equipped with advanced and efficient heating system and has obvious advantages such as low investment, low energy consumption, high working efficiency, multiple function and high profits, etc.

Kingston Machinery can supply the best solutions for processing potato chips, potato cracks processing, banana chips or plantain chips production line, Plantain cutting machine, welcome inquiry

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