De-stemmed cherry machine

De-stemmed cherry machine






(Net weight):1t

Water requirement: sufficient


Function: Remove the stem of cherry


Applicable scope: canned food factory, fruit shop, fruit processing factory and etc


Performance characteristics:

  1. The appearance and frame of the equipment are made of 304 stainless steel. The transmission part, bearing, reducer, motor and so on are made of carbon steel.

2, the unique removal process, in the premise of not destroying the flesh, will be separated from the cherry, and the removal rate of more than 90%.

  1. Not only can the cherry be separated from the cherry fruit. In addition, the cherry can be separated from the cherry fruit in different silos, which not only improves work efficiency and reduces labor costs, but also works reliably with novel results.

4, to make the machine brush made of special materials, do not lose hair, do not destroy the cherry skin.

  1. The plastic strip is a silicone strip.

6, one year warranty, lifelong maintenance

Banana peeling machine

Features of Kingston Banana Peeling machine

▼ This banana peeler is made of high-carbon chromium stainless steel with high strength and hardness, ensuring food production hygiene. And its blade is sharp and not easy to deform.
Ripe banana peeling machine uses a mechnical hand to tear off banana skin, with good peeling quality, fresh soft surface, product thickness and uniform. And it brings no damage for fibrous structure.
▼ Considering the diversity of customers’ raw materials, we can provide banana peeler machine with unique customized services, like customizing the height and diameter of the inlet for customers.
▼ The mechanical transmission of high power brings long lifespan for the machine, and with low noise when running well.
Plantain peeler machine supports continuous production, and its discharge port can be linked to subsequent processing equipment, which is convenient, practical and efficient.

Fully automatic autoclave retort for sterlization of vaccum packages

Autoclave sterilizer/sterilizing autoclave/sterilizing retort


  1. Structure:

Include body, cover, starting system, locking system, safe interlocking device, track, baskets, steam pipe, as well as other pipes, cover sealing by inflatable silicone rings, reliable sealing and long life

  1. Features:

Equip with pressure gage and safe valve, amazing appearance, easy operating, stable function, spraying type, indirect warming and cooling, water recycling used, automatic control time, temperature and pressure, electrical temperature offset correction, made of stainless steel 304 material.

Technical parameters of retort cooker:

ThicknessDimensionWeightTraysTray sizeTrolleyHeating tank



Automatic double twisting candy enveloping machine

Brief introduction of toffe enveloping machine:

  1. This machine is equipped device of candy-setting plate for materials-entering, and it could be used for single and double layers of wrapping paper.
  2. It is 100% packing rate, no empty package, and automatically followed by photo electricity of computer, and adjusted by frequency-changing device for speed.
  3. Packingmaterial:

cellophane/pvc/polypropylene/waxed paper/composite materials, etc.

  1. Shape of candies: ellipse (oval), cylindrical, square, spherical and round slice.



Technical parameters of candy wrapping machine:

  Packing speed200-600pcs/min(depends on product)
  Candy size L 12-32mm; W 12-26mm; H 6-20mm
Total power2.5 KW
Power supply3 Ph. 380V, 50/60Hz
Machine sizeL2000 × W1100 × H1800mm
Net weight1080kg


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Tamarind pulp extraction machine

Tamarind pulp extraction machine/extracting the pandanus pulp/tamarind pulper/Banana juice machine

Palm dates pulping machine/dates deseeder/dates deseeding/dates pulp machine:

Availability: dates, palm dates, tamarind, plum, prune, etc

1、peel,core, seeds, pulp automatic separating

2、can work alone and connect in full line

3、made of stainless steel

Principle of Tamarind pulping machine:

motor running through belt,make the rotor high speed rotating,fruits enter machine,vane push forward to pulping stic,then crushed,as centrifugal force,pulp go through sieve holes and coming out from outlet,core and peel dischared to another outlet,finally separated puree pure and clean,first removing the core,then removing peel and get final pulp


1、install flat,fasten the ground bolts

2、fasten each bolt,check if loosen,clean inside and outside, keep clean

3、connect power,confirm the rotate direction correct

4、trial running 5 minutes, confirm ok, then normal production

5、feeding input gradually,no force,check quality after stop,regulate angel and sieve gap well

6、when stop, power off directly is ok,when rotor not stop running, don’t open the cover

7、when each batch production over,clean the sieve,open the front cover, take off the bolt,take apart the rotor and sieve, cleaning by water and brush is ok

8、must check if over heating occassionaly

9、check the rotating belt is old or broken, change new one on time

10、check the belt if too fasten or too loose,can turn around by hand, always 90o is best,regulate the bolt to adjust

11、bearing normal temperature below 75℃,lubrucating occassionally,prolong the life of bearing

Specificaion of Tamarind deseeding machine:

Size: 900*450*1100㎜
Capacity: 500kg/hr



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Water sachet machine

Water sachet machine/liquid packing machine/liquid bagging machine/water filling and sealing machine

Main features:

Automatic measuring, filling, counting, stable function, easy adjusting, fix qty adjustable, date printing need equipped with printer

Applicable scope:

Liquid and thickness liquid, sauce filling packing

Main performance:

Able to automatically complete discontinuous running of measure,filling,counting and printing(it is necessary to separately configure coder),performance is stable, adjustment is convenient,and ration is adjustable.

Range of application:

This machine is applicable to automatic filling and packing of liquid and dope.


Technical Figures:

Size of Bag(mm)L40-280 W20-150
Range of Measurment(ml)300-1000
Packing Speed(bag/min)25-50
Power (kw)1.5


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Metal detector

Metal detector:

The basic function of metal detector is to detect whether in the nonmetallic medium includes the metal impurities. The metal impurities existence directly will affect the product quality or possibly directly affects the important production equipment security. If food includes the metal impurities, it possibly directly will endanger the personal safety or the health.

The metal detector involves 4 series: H, L, P, T. It Is suitable to food, the medicines, the chemical industry, the plastic, the chemical fiber, mining and each kind of different application.

Characteristic of metal inspector:

  1. Examinations sensitivities are high

We can achieve highest sensitivity of Fe: 0.6mm. The sensitivity is the best sensitivity when we lay aside the examination ball in the surface of conveyer belt. The actual examination sensitivity is decided by detected production and the field work environment.

  1. Adaptation scopes are broad

The metal detector may adapt in high temperature, the low temperature working conditions. In the quite bad working conditions, it similarly has the splendid sensitivity performance.

  1. Adjustment of examinations parameters is convenient

The adjustment of examination parameter to the metal detector is convenient and direct-viewing. The uniformity and the stability of examination parameter are very good. In view of the same examination product, the examination parameter does not change along with time.

  1. Waterproof dustproof performance are good

According to the order, it can meet the IP-65 waterproofing requirements.

Structures of metal locator:


1: detect head

2: Instrument box

3: Power and controller box

4: Frame

5: Switch

6: Oriented bar

7: Shock absorber

8: Conveyor belt

9: Conveyor adjust bolt

10: Sustainer

11: Wheel

12: Conveyor belt support wheel

13: Motor

14: Panel

15: Product effect adjust knob

16: Sensitivity adjust knob for channel 1

17: Sensitivity adjust knob for channel 2

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Pork skinner

Pork skinner/pork skinning machine/pork peeling machine:

Functions and features of meat skinner:

It is used on skinning white membrane on the meat, removing the white membrane on the meat, especially for beef meat membrane skinning, saving much time and labors, made of all stainless steel, easy cleaning, easy moving with wheels, stable function and durable, the processing width of meat is 500mm, and membrane thickness 0.5-6mm, fast processing speed, easy operation, very advanced and professional meat membrane skinning machine

Technical parameters of membrane remover

MaterialStainless steel
Meat width/mm500
Membrane thickness/mm0.5-6





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Sweet dumpling machine

Sweet dumpling machine/sweet ball forming machine

Specification of glue pudding machine:

Model: XR-4000B
Voltage: 220v/380v
Power: 2.5kw
Capacity: 0-5000pcs/hr
Size of balls: diameter 20-50mm, weight 5-80gr
Dimensions: 1970x1460x1690 mm
Weight: 820kg


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Plastic cup filling and sealing machine

Plastic cup filling and sealing machine:

I: Features of jelly cup filling machine

  1. Steps: feeding cups–filling chunks–filling juice–sealing–conveying final product
  2. Full stainless steel 304 food grade
  3. Aluminum plate part: module aluminum plate four hole aluminum alloy acidproof aluminum mold
  4. Transmission system: motor, reducer, CAM divider, template, etc.  Intermittent transmission device, pneumatic control element, intelligent digital temperature control system.  Precision CAM divider step clearance operation, high performance reducer;  Smooth transmission, low impact force, accurate position.
  5. Drop cup system: adopt pneumatic mechanical control cup fall into aluminum plate.

Sealing system: copper perm

  1. Sealing system: adopt constant temperature (intelligent temperature control single control) hot pressing sealing, sealing pressure is adjustable.
  2. Cup out system: Drop the cup out of the cup
  3. Packaging material can be PP, PE, PET.etc, available for various shapes of box or cups filling and sealing


II: Specification of fruit jam packing machine

Type: automatic

Stype: 8 hole(double row)

Voltage:3phase 380V/50HZ (or customized as request)


Temperature:0-400℃ (adjustable)


Capacity:≥5000-6000 cups/hour

Speed:4-5 seconds




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